Always You

You made me feel the love I’ve always wanted, and I will make you feel the love you’ve always deserved not just because of that, but simply because I love you. I will do my best to not hurt you because you are my best friend and I don’t want to see you in pain. I will choose to trust you because you’ve given me your whole, and despite how damaged I am I will still do my best to function well because you don’t deserve a messed up woman; but I thank God that you accept me just like that. I will do everything to support you with all your plans as much as you help me up in reaching my dreams. I will be there for you whenever you’re down, just like how you stayed by my side when I could no longer say a word because of the nonstop tears of sorrow from my eyes. I will be the best woman I can be because you make me want to be.


You just don’t know how I feel so safe when we’re lying down, your arms around me, my head on your chest and our legs tangled, and how I feel so blessed each time that I pretend to still be asleep just so I can feel you caress my hair longer. And each time that I see you asleep, snoring a little bit but still with a tight grip of my hand, I know just right then that you’re the man I would want to spend the rest of my life with.


I would choose you every day, my love. Because I love you. Always.

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