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Project 365: #TheClverJourney

Hello! It’s been months of hiatus, and I didn’t even finish the #TINQ30 project I started last year before leaving the Inquirer, and before ending 2017. Though I continued it through my Instagram stories for 30 days, I hardly found the time to make a blog post for it, due to the holiday seasons and busy schedule while I was rendering my 30 days.


25th birthday celebration | Okada Manila

Anyway, though it’s already few months late, let me still greet you a HAPPY NEW YEAR! I have also turned 25 this year — oh yes, my silver year, that’s why I am making this blog post to officially launch my 2018 Project 365:


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Screaming Fire

2018-01-23 09.33.14 1.jpg

Her voice was tender,
Soft and warm,
A shelter during the winter,
To be safe from harm;

She kept it so long,
Exploding inside,
Until she stopped the song
Because she can no longer hide;

The stars said it’s time
To let out her heart’s desire,
Now there goes her golden lime,
All screaming fire.


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#TINQ30 Day 6: Podio for Projects

Multitasking is definitely a skill, but without proper project management, multitasking will bring you no good. Handling various Investment projects of the Inquirer Group, I had to learn how to manage my time and priorities to meet my deadlines.

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#TINQ30 Day 5: Heartbreak Story

To be honest, it’s a challenge to have an entry each day, but since I have committed myself to this, I am really trying to post an #TINQ30 entry, no matter how short it is.

Last year, around late April 2016, the walls of Inquirer became a witness of a major heartbreak that I’ve had. HA HA HA. I went to office crying, I cried while working… Imagine it. Imagine the break-up drama. As much as I really find it funny now (LOL), for the most part, Inquirer got its eyes with that experience.

For letting me cry in my office, on my desk, and in the bathroom, thank you, Inquirer! 😉 🙂

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#TINQ30 Day 4: Staying True @ 32

Today, the Philippine Daily Inquirer celebrates its 32nd anniversary with the theme, Staying True at 32. What more, the broadsheet produced a 172-paged supplement for today’s issue, which is the thickest issue yet!


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