Getting Fat with Fatburger


I know this is already a late post since we had this dinner several weeks ago. I still have more late foodie posts to follow though. I realized that I’ve been trying new restaurants lately, so I might as well make a short review about the food (aside from a randomly captioned Instagram post).

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37th MIBF & Gotti’s

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It was the first day of the 37th Manila International Book Fair yesterday. After work, Lynsey and I met at SM Mall of Asia before heading out to the SMX Convention Center to score new books at discounted prices.


After paying the Php 20.00 for the MIBF ticket, we went to Fully Booked‘s nook. I really didn’t have a book in mind, so I took my time looking for something new to hoard (lol). It was fun – and of course, really hard – to decide what books to buy. If only I had unlimited resources, I would’ve bought everything I could!


I was able to take home two gems from the MIBF. I know I still have a long list of pending books to read but… Who cares? Books are love!



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After our book hoarding date, Lynsey and I had our dinner at Gotti’s Ristorante at MOA. We asked for their bestseller for the pizza and since I was craving for lasagna, we ordered one plate as well.




The guys from Gotti’s were nice and they only have 5% service charge. It was indeed a good try.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how bookworm friends bond together.


Saturday @ Evia

Honestly, I couldn’t think of an appropriate post title for this one, so I’ll just leave it with a plain heading.

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If you like dogs, cats, and pets in general, or perhaps you just want to watch a movie that won’t make you think and that will just let you sit back and relax, The Secret Life of Pets is definitely a must-watch. It’s basically a story about… pets.


The whole story is apparently about friendship. It’s not about the relationship of the owners and their pets. The movie has a plain and simple plot, it’s for the kids and the whole family anyway. It’s a no-brainer movie at face value but when you look beyond that, it’s an epitome of how things are really going on with people – having your own group of friends because you’re of the same kind, being in a place where you really don’t belong, trying to fit in, saving someone when they’re in need whether you’re friends with them or not, the need of having people in your life, pretending to be someone you’re not just to say that you’re good… It’s as simple as seeing the everyday life of a human being in a lighter abstract.

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After the movie and after a few minutes of mind-debating on where to eat, we decided to try Vanilla Cupcake Bakery. We ordered Mamma’s Home-baked Lasagna and tried their version of red velvet cupcake with cream cheese.


To give an honest review about the food, the lasagna and the cupcake were both okay. Maybe their recipe just didn’t match my taste so I couldn’t give the food a thumbs up.


The interior of the place looks cool though. It’s cute and comfy and they have a wall full of random quotes about life, friendship, faith, etc.


The place is really inviting because of the IG-worthiness brought by its modern fairy tale ambiance.

And that was how I spent my Saturday afternoon. Since I do not know to end this post, I’ll just share a quote:

“There’s always a moment that separates the past from the future, and that moment is now.”

― Aniekee Tochukwu Ezekiel

Army Navy @ Circuit Ayala Mall

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Yep, yep! Army Navy – Circuit Ayala Mall (Makati) branch is now open! We had our lunch there earlier. I had been craving for burgers since last week! It’s good to know that there’s already an Army Navy branch near my workplace.

I know it’s kinda funny that I this among my list of ‘happy things’ but you know… Food is happiness.

First Maginhawa Visit

Last August 18, Thursday, I went to Maginhawa in Quezon City with a friend before going to #InTheMix (story on a separate blog post). We visited BookayUkay, a bookshop that sells second-hand books and two restaurants, Fat Cousins’ Diner and The Nook.

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We decided to explore Maginhawa before taking our lunch. Along the way, we saw BookayUkay and of course, of course, I did not stop myself from going inside!

I was able to score Jane Austen‘s Emma for only Php 150.00. There were lots of good finds but I was not into buying new books yet since I still have a pile of pending books to read. It’s really just my thing to buy a new one whenever I go to a bookshop. Since I haven’t read Emma yet and it’s one of the early editions of the book, I bought it.

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Fat Cousins’ Diner

After a long walk, we decided to eat at Fat Cousins’ Diner for lunch.

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well if one hasn’t dined well.”

We ordered Baby Back Ribs (Php 199.00) and Australian Premium Steak (Php 199.00). The meal already includes the side-dishes (mashed potato and buttered veggies) and unlimited rice and drinks so yes, you’d really get more than what you’ve paid for, especially if you’re a person who has a stomach with an appetite for two (or more, hahaha).

Overall, Fat Cousins’ Diner was indeed a good try.

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The Nook

I’ve always wanted to visit this place since I’ve heard about it. It’s a Harry Potter-inspired café and every Potterhead would really be happy for a Hogsmeade experience.

The Potterhead in me screamed for Butterbeer (Php 100.00 for the Harry size, Php 150.00 for Hagrid) so tah-dah! It’s just like how you’d imagine the drink would be.


I also tried the Golden Snitch (Php 35.00), a chocolate shaped like what the seekers catch during Quidditch.

For more Potterhead feels, you may wear your house scarf while savoring your Hogsmeade moment.

Proud Ravenclaw here!

I would love to go back to Maginhawa and try more retaurants and cafés. I’ve already been eyeing some places for my next visit. Hopefully soon. 😊