To Hold

It’s been awhile.

Day 996

First Waltz

Haven’t written something in awhile, so here’s one after a short break. 😊

Calming the Storm


The night fell and the stars shone bright

But the air was too cold and something wasn’t right,

A bridge fell down, I couldn’t cross

I’m stuck with a feeling that something’s lost;


I tried to look for it at the clouds in the sky

But it started raining as the heavens cry,

And the voices grew louder, a deafening sound

I screamed in silence until I felt found;


My demons, you tamed, my storm, you calmed,

Keeping me in a cage of freedom for the damned,

Your warmth is peace, I cannot deny,

In your walls, I can soar so high.

All the More

When you hold me, I know

It’s not for a show,

It’s to lift me up when I’m low,

To carry above when I’m below.

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