Hello! I am Claudine, a twenty-something Scoliosis warrior and a corporate finance professional. I am an alumna of Manila Science High School (MSHS/Masci), Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila (PLM) and University of the Philippines Open University (UPOU). Currently, I am on my third degree as a Juris Doctor student at the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila – College of Law.

Writing keeps me sane. And although I have found a safe couch in the corporate world, the creative in me will always and forever find ways to play with ink through thick, thin, and all the confusions in between. I write about whatever and whenever I feel like it, so expect that this blog is a nook of random pieces about me and my journey as I continue to figure things out.

When I’m not writing or crunching numbers, I enjoy watching my favorite series and movies (Netflix is heaven sent!), reading books (and by that, I mean printed blocks) and traveling.

About ‘Enraptured Reality’

I started blogging when I was thirteen, but I never properly maintained my blogs over the years. I switched from one web address and platform to another, from something “emo” like how we used to call it back then to something “cool” as defined by the current crowd.

Come December 2014, I thought of starting anew and eventually migrated to Enraptured Reality (dot)wordpress(dot)com to be my cyber home. My blogs before this are still out there, and I intend to keep them to remind me [and my readers] of my younger years in blogging. You can still visit them here: Life Journal | Poetry

Enraptured Reality is basically an open diary, so expect that I don’t focus towards a particular subject or audience. I post anything I wanna write about — poems, movies, travels and random day-to-day thoughts, to name a few. I hope I’d be able to inspire you or make you wonder through the things I share.

The views and opinions expressed here are mine and do not reflect those of my school or employer.

Thanks for dropping by and enjoy reading! 🙂

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