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Oh how I’ve missed the bum life. Seriously. I already landed a job right after college graduation, and I never really had a real rest since then. Now, before I get back into reality once again, I am taking as much sleep as possible, since it’s what I really missed above all else.

Aside from sleep, I’ve missed reading novels. After months of not being able to read such, I have missed flipping through pages and taking every bit of the story.


I began reading “To Kill A Mockingbird” by Harper Lee again since I want to have a fresher view of the story before I get to read the sequel. I have already read it in high school but even when I have already loved it since then, I know it’s going to be different once I read it all over again. Like people say, love is sweeter the second time around. Though I already know the flow of the story, I was a different person before I’ve read the book. Now, I am reading it as another person, and not the same person who read it in high school [as part of the requirements in our English class].


I’ve also had my Grisham novels out from the shelves. I usually buy books from Book Sale, and even though I still have a lot of unread books, I still buy more and more whenever I find them interesting. I think that’s actually a bookworm’s sickness. You just can’t stop even when you still have a lot of pending books to read. It’s just hard to. And by books, I mean books with substance and sensible thoughts, not just some random printed story.

Soon the real world’s going to call me again. Let me spend the remaining days with my favorite escapism. 🙂