2019 Randomly Today Vol. 2

Hollah! Today is June’s last working day. It’s been a long week for me, so here I am squeezing in a Randomly Today entry. 🙂


Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by J.K. Rowling for the second time and The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck by Mark Manson. I’ve also been reading some articles about how to prepare for the Philippine Law School Admission Test (PhiLSAT) and law schools’ entrance exams.


Lucifer on Netflix. I’m planning to watch the last episode of Season 3 on my way home later to kill traffic time.


a study plan and schedule as preparation for the PhiLSAT and law aptitude/admission exams (LAE’s).


of how am I going home if it rains hard when I log out. Please, no. 😦


a good and long sleep tonight. The weather is just too friendly for that.


a white Harry Potter fan shirt! I solemnly swear that I am up to no good!


to go back to the gym and resume working out! I feel really bloated. I haven’t visited the gym for a month now — talk about wasting a month of membership fee. Next week’s probably good for a come back. But first, I gotta fix my sched.


full! Lunch earlier was really heavy, so heavy that I might actually skip dinner and finally get a well-deserved zzzz…


That’s all for today’s random life update. Hope everything’s been going well with you! xx

Randomly Today series is inspired by siddarhornton‘s The Sunday Currently.


And the Door Opened

30 of #100HappyThings

Maybe it’s coincidence

Or perhaps it’s not,

This page of iridescence

Lights up and blinks a lot;


A new moon, a new star,

It shines in the night,

Once admired from afar,

Now a knob to hold tight;


Maybe they heard a knock,

And in silence, they listened,

A secret unlocked,

And then the door opened.




13 of #100HappyThings


Another dimension,

Another time,

Another ignition,

Another rhyme.


Go back to the start,

Twisting your head;

Awaken your heart:

Rebirth of the dead.


Open your eyes

After they’d been shut,

Warm the ice

And just sew the cut.

It will get better,

That’s what they say,

Today you suffer,

Tomorrow you’ll slay.


Finally, I was able to write a ‘decent’ poem again, if you can actually call this ‘decent’.

Good Riddance

You told me
you’d always stay,
but now you’re nowhere
because you chose to leave.

This will be the last;
I have made you live forever
through my pages and pens
more than enough.

But no,
I wouldn’t ask myself
what you saw in her
that you didn’t see in me;
I know I’m worth it –
You are not.



Umasa ako na maaari pang ayusin,
Dahil sabi mo, ika’y nariyan pa rin;
Ngunit nang ako’y mapuwing,
Ang katotohana’y lumabas din.

Ang sabi mo’y hindi pa panahon,
Pwedeng bukas tayo umahon,
Pwedeng makita ang araw pagtapos ng ambon,
Pwedeng kayaning malagpasan ang alon.

Ngunit walang katotohanan ang iyong mga sinabi,
Dahil ang totoo’y iba na bigla ang iyong katabi;
Ang mga halik mo’y para na sa ibang labi,
At hindi na para sa akin ang iyong mga ngiti.

Tunay ngang lalabas ang katotohanan,
Tatapakan ang lahat ng mga kasinungalingan;
Kaya ngayon, ako ay iyong hayaan,
Sapagkat nakuha ko na ang aking kalayaan.

Malaya na ako sa ginawa mong kwento,
Na hanggang sa huli’y inisip mo pa rin ang ikabubuti ko;
Malaya na ako sa isang katulad mo,
Na sinayang lamang ang tiwalang ibinigay ko.

Malaya na ako sa pagpapakatanga,
Malaya na ako sa kakarampot na pag-asa;
Hindi na rin ako magpapakalugmok pa,
Dahil hindi ka karapat-dapat sa aking mga luha.

Aanhin ko ang isang taong bumigay,
Sa tuksong sumisira ng lahat ng bagay;
Kaya ngayon, ako man sa’yo ay nasanay,
Ramdam kong di na kita kailangan sa aking buhay.

Paalam sa iyo, at salamat sa lahat,
Sa pagmamahal, na para sa iyo’y hindi naging sapat,
Sa pinagsamahang tamis, pait at alat,
Tandaan mo, inibig kita ng tapat.

Ngunit kung para sa iyo’y madali lang itong itapon,
Talikuran, ipalit sa iba ang kahapon,
Marahil ito na nga ang panahon,
Ang katapusan ng ating ngayon.

Photo from Google