4 of #100HappyThings



This doesn’t need a story… But hey, look! After six months of being under the probationary status, I am now a regular employee as a Finance Analyst for Investments at the Inquirer Group of Companies, effective July 4, 2016!

It’s amazing that a lot of wonderful things are happening in the second half of 2016. Looking forward for more!

Thank You, Good Lord! Please always guide me and please help me do well in all my tasks, projects and deliverables. May You help me exceed their expectations and make them feel that I am worthy of this position. Thank You for blessing me with a good boss and mentor. Thank You for giving me a family-like environment to work with. I will always be thankful!

More to Come

Today marks my first month as Finance Analyst of the Investments Department of Inquirer Group of Companies. So far, the past month had been great. I did few things for the first time, and I’m glad that I am able to unlock my potentials with the tasks at hand. My duties and responsibilities are far way different from my previous job, but I am very much enjoying things now. There’s so much more to learn, and I am glad that I get to discover new things every day.

Here’s a photo dump of my first month!

Here’s to more #CLDNCHLSInquirerDiaries! 😉