Poetry for You

Well, hello there, last day of May! 🙂 There’s this “Instagram game” that I participated in, and I realized the poems I made for this game are worth sharing. Here’s the deal:

Haha. Alright let’s do this! ☺️
Now you have to follow a few steps.
1. Send me a special number so that I can post the number and write something about you 😉
2. Put the same status as mine (Drop a ❤ and I will write something about you.)
(If not, I won’t post anything. It’s about celebrating people whilst they’re alive/in our lives& not when they are no longer with us.)
3. Once you are done, I will post the number you sent with what I promised to do in the caption.
This is about appreciation.

But instead of writing a plain message, I decided to tweak it a little bit and write a poem for those who would respond. Now here are those!

(Please click the image to enlarge. You can move << or >> from there.)

It was a challenge, writing poems about several people, but it was fun! And I’m glad they liked what I did for them 🙂

Can I go home?


They said when you’re down,

When behind every smile is a frown,

Take a quick drive and you will reach

A special nook by the beach;

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She just wanted to think for herself,
To act like herself,
To be her real self…

But she was never allowed to.

Her neck was held
So tight she can’t breathe,
She can’t live.

She just exists.


Candid shot by CELINE

She was the ocean that refused to be crossed,
The mountain that refused to be climbed,
The rose that refused to be held.


And with every meal we share,
I just can’t help but stare
and be amazed
at how perfect
your imperfections
can be.

Thank you for tonight.