The Deal About Honesty

We all lie, and we’ve all been lied to. I don’t know what’s worse, being the liar, or being the one who’s blinded by the truth. All I know is that honesty is not just a word, it’s a not just a virtue, and it’s not just as simple as that. It’s the hardest thing. We all lie, and that is the truth. We’ve all been lied to, and that’s even a more painful reality.

It’s never easy. You don’t just break something by spitting it out. It’s not putting the pedal to the metal. But guess what? The more you prolong it, the more you imprison everyone. You imprison yourself. You imprison the person who deserves the truth. And everyone deserves it, remember? Everyone deserves that damn truth you’re hiding. I must’ve lied more than I am supposed to in my whole life, and I’m telling you, it sucks. It’s never an easy thing to hide the truth no matter how many times you’ve already done it. Your conscience knocks you down (well at least my conscience does). Guilt covers your heart and mind. Fear embraces your soul.

It’s never easy. It’s hard to be behind the cages when you know you deserve to see the light. And it’s tiring. It’s tiring when you’ve been lied to every time. It’s excruciating when truth is always kept from you, making you feel stupid and making you think that you’re not worth knowing it. It breaks your heart because you are lied to by the people you least expected to. Being lied to is one of the worst feelings ever. It makes you question everything and what’s even worse, it breaks the trust you could give people. It ruins the faith in humanity you have. It makes you doubt everything and everyone. Doubt covers your heart and mind. Fear embraces your soul.

It’s never easy. When you lie, you question yourself; when you’re lied to, you question the world.