Why Would I?

No matter how they try to tear us apart,
No matter how everything’s not falling into place,
No matter how many times we fight,
I will never give you up.

Why would I?
You showed me what true love is like:
It’s misunderstood,
But it’s wonderful;
Crazy but amazing,
Painful but worth it.

I know you’re worth it.

Love is misunderstood.

I realized that love is not something you can make people understand, unless they had already been in the exact place as you are. It’s not something that you can explain and it’s not something that you can make people see unless they have the same eyes as yours. When you know you’ve found it, you just live with it and embrace every wonderful happiness and torturous pain it has to give you. And you know what’s great when you know it’s real? It’s the feeling of assurance that whatever happens, in the end, it’s going to be worth it.