Perhaps This time

Perhaps This Time @ Enraptured Reality

All these people passing by,

Still it’s you who caught my eye;

Street lights and cars chasing each other,

Crossing the roads and random stops on the corner.


The noise tried to catch my attention,

The lanes changed route and confused my direction;

But perhaps this time, I made the right turn,

Perhaps this time, it’s fine for the walls to burn.


Perhaps this time  it’s worth the try,

And finally, there’s no more saying goodbye;

Whatever it is, only time can tell,

But I’m hoping, this time, it’s for the best that I fell.


So here’s the key, go and take the driver’s seat,

I believe I’m ready for a whole new ride and enjoy it;

Perhaps this time, we’ll make it,

Perhaps this time, it’s worth it.




Who would know
what this future holds?
The present
knows nothing
but to make us wonder
or perhaps
make us hope
of our dreams coming true,
our hearts getting healed,
and our lives being contented;
All things unanswered
in this moment called “now”
may be decoded tomorrow,
or never.

Sudden thoughts. I wonder which of my souls is alive right now.


The past isn’t a good place to visit. Definitely not. In fact, it’s the worst place to stay.

But why can’t we just totally leave it behind?

Simple. It’s because the past is connected with the present, and if it wasn’t for yesterday, we wouldn’t be here today. And if it wasn’t for the past that freed the people in your life now, they would never have been with you in the first place.

No matter how painful the past had been, it’s something to thank for… For the memories, experiences, and most especially, for the lessons…

There are people in our lives that came first before the present, and there are people, too, who came first before us. It’s all a matter of time… A matter of now… A matter of what’s up as of the moment

We shouldn’t compete with the past. It’s beyond our control. It happened before, meaning it’s out of our grip. All we have to do is let it be, and accept it.

The past is going to haunt us forever, no matter how we try to conceal it. Even when we try to not look back, something always twists our heads, telling us to stop for awhile, simply to check if we’re still affected or not.

What’s worse? At the end of the day, we discover that we still are, and we’ll always be.

Right Time

Maybe the best and worst companion you’ll ever have in this world is TIME. There are moments when it‘d go with your way, but there are also times when you got to go on your own because time just keeps on messing with you.

A friend told me that there’s no such thing as right time… And I think she has a point. You may meet the right person at the right place at the right moment, but the so-called right time? Not that it’s totally inexistent, but it’s something you need to take a leap of faith into.

Just because the timing isn’t right doesn’t mean you’ve met the wrong person to love (in cases when you seem to have found the right love at the wrong time). Maybe it’s really just meant to be that way…

To meet the right person at the complicated phase of your life and think of the moment as almost perfect – but just ALMOST…

To meet the right person when times are rough, so that you’d need each other’s company and feel that you’ve found the missing puzzle piece in your life…

To meet the right person when the journey seems to be a really tough battle, so that you’d fight it through together…

To meet the right person at the wrong time, so that you’d both know how it is to be with each other through thick and thin, and wait for the right time together

Maybe that’s what right time is…

The rainbow after the rain…

The butterfly by the end of metamorphosis…

The aurora during the sunset…

Maybe the wrong time is not really wrong; maybe it means it’s not the right time yet. No matter what the situation is, there’s always a process… There are stages… There’s a story… And to get to the perfect ending, you must have FAITHFaith that soon, everything will fall right into place… Faith that soon, the right time will come.

Yes, maybe the right time is all about faith.


Who knows what?
Who knows when?
We might be together then.