2017 Randomly Today Vol. 2

I’ve been going through something lately, and this little release might help me cope with things, so here I am.

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2017 Randomly Today Vol. 1

I missed writing! I haven’t written a lot for the past few weeks so I guess, getting back to it gives rush to my adrenaline and I just want to write, write and write. I can’t think of anything to blog and coherence isn’t visiting my thoughts so I’ll just write my first Randomly Today post for 2017. ūüôā

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Randomly Today 01

33 of #100HappyThings

I saw¬†siddarhornton‘s¬†The Sunday Currently project so I will be doing my own version of it as part of my¬†#100HappyThings¬†project for the rest of the year. This will document all my random what-not’s on days when I feel happy¬†just because¬†I’m happy.


a new poem. I know I’ve been writing less poems lately and I’m really looking for new inspirations to get back on track.


to Better with You by Kris Allen. Oh god, this song is so, so feel-good.


if I am already okay to go to work tomorrow. Oh, please. It’s hard to be productive at home.


nothing. I have clogged nose, so can I smell well?


for my colds and coughs to go away.


to finish this specific task today. I’m trying my best, okay?


a pink nightwear top and PJ’s.


this homestay in some ways. Being on bed all day is priceless.


to write more poems. Apparently, most of my poems are actually for a certain person. Once I start writing about someone again, man, that would actually mean something. Question is, will it be worth it this time?


more fluids and fruits and rest. That’s what the Doctor said.


weak and sick and ugly (LOL). I look so wasted.


Well, I’m still happy ’cause it’s nice to know that¬†somebody actually¬†cares¬†for me in times like this (family aside). I also had this¬†online consultation¬†at¬†Medicard via¬†MyPocketDoctor earlier. I didn’t have to go out to have my check-up. Haha! This is a cool news for those who hate hospitals like me. Lol.