It’s been awhile since I last made a blog update. I’ve been really busy last month because of work-related projects and because it was holiday season. I was too lazy to write a year-ender so I’ve been sharing my life updates through Twitter and Instagram since they’re the easiest micro-blogging socmeds that exist.

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Research Oceans

I don’t fear the ocean,

but it trembles me each time I see its beauty:

each time the sound of the waves

embraces the warmth I have inside

and turns the air into a cold breeze;

It scares me each time I see

how huge it occupies the world

and how overwhelming the feeling must be

once I get to glide on its surface

despite the sharks that might be swimming around;

It haunts me each time I remember

that the waters might drown me

and pull me down and under;

No, I don’t fear the ocean,

because its wonder is priceless,

its power is limitless,

its strength is boundless;

I don’t fear the ocean,

but I fear its waves,

I fear how stupendous it is,

I fear its depth;

but no,

my ship isn’t sinking.

Not today,

not tomorrow.



Photo from Google Images

Little Dreamer

Photo from Googe

I am just a little dreamer
Aiming for the moon,
Nothing but a wishful thinker
Not giving up too soon;

I am in this fight
With a troupe, I’m not alone,
In my faith, I hold on tight
For God is my cornerstone;

I will fall down to my knees
Not just once, not just twice,
But the stars, I will soon kiss
And watch my own sun rise.