The Diary


The smile in your eyes,
The laugh on your lips,
The way you play with my fingertips,
The rhythm of your hands when you caress my hair,
It’s everything I have ever imagined
From the Nicholas Sparks novels,
To Lang Leav and Michael Faudet poems;
Your existence is as magical
As the Prince Charming
In those Fairy Tales that I’ve read
When I was young;
But you’re as real
As your flaws
And all the sweet little things
That you do for me.

You are the imagery
Of every poem I write,
And of the thousands of words
That I have played upon
To make an art of literature;
The metaphor
Of every wonderful thing
I could ever think of
To make a spectacular symbol
For a glittering creation.

You are the owner
Of the Diary
Where I have written my works into,
For every soul living inside me
Knows very well
That I am made for you.

Happy World Poetry Day!

Why Would I?

No matter how they try to tear us apart,
No matter how everything’s not falling into place,
No matter how many times we fight,
I will never give you up.

Why would I?
You showed me what true love is like:
It’s misunderstood,
But it’s wonderful;
Crazy but amazing,
Painful but worth it.

I know you’re worth it.

Love is misunderstood.

I realized that love is not something you can make people understand, unless they had already been in the exact place as you are. It’s not something that you can explain and it’s not something that you can make people see unless they have the same eyes as yours. When you know you’ve found it, you just live with it and embrace every wonderful happiness and torturous pain it has to give you. And you know what’s great when you know it’s real? It’s the feeling of assurance that whatever happens, in the end, it’s going to be worth it.

Always You

You made me feel the love I’ve always wanted, and I will make you feel the love you’ve always deserved not just because of that, but simply because I love you. I will do my best to not hurt you because you are my best friend and I don’t want to see you in pain. I will choose to trust you because you’ve given me your whole, and despite how damaged I am I will still do my best to function well because you don’t deserve a messed up woman; but I thank God that you accept me just like that. I will do everything to support you with all your plans as much as you help me up in reaching my dreams. I will be there for you whenever you’re down, just like how you stayed by my side when I could no longer say a word because of the nonstop tears of sorrow from my eyes. I will be the best woman I can be because you make me want to be.


You just don’t know how I feel so safe when we’re lying down, your arms around me, my head on your chest and our legs tangled, and how I feel so blessed each time that I pretend to still be asleep just so I can feel you caress my hair longer. And each time that I see you asleep, snoring a little bit but still with a tight grip of my hand, I know just right then that you’re the man I would want to spend the rest of my life with.


I would choose you every day, my love. Because I love you. Always.


Her eyes are filled with fear
And doubts that he can’t undo,
That even though he’s trying to,
her guards were built too high
so as to not let
the ghosts of the past
enter her newly-built world;

But with the warmth of his touch,
their eyes met on fire,
He gripped her tight,
just right,
And they danced to a sound never heard
Breath to whisper
As the night fell,
She closed her eyes
and rested on his chest.

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