Always Towards Better Things

A dark night
No star to light
A question of who the voices are
Screaming inside, crying is a song,
Can they hear it?

Oh, they cannot –
They do not want to;
They shut their ears,
But no, it’s not about them.

It’s about the song,
Nobody hears;
The dance,
Nobody moves;
The poem,
Nobody recites.

It’s not about them.

It’s about the song,
One that should be sang;
The dance,
One that should be played.
The poem,
One that should be read.

And in the dark night,
If there is no star,
Look for the moon:
Borrowed light, unreal;
But there it is.

One more day,
one more step,
one more breath:
Semper ad meliora.

2016 in Action


Happy new year, dearest! I am squeezing in a blog post to pioneer a good start for my blog this 2016.


I just started a new job recently and I must say that I have really enjoyed my first week. The tasks that I have to complete until next week are quite overwhelming, but I am pretty much excited with the whole picture of this new journey.

I am claiming that 2016 is my year, and I believe everyone should take that into their perception, too. Life is what you make it, anyway! It starts with our thoughts, and these thoughts will guide us on how we’re going to live each day. There will be bad days – come on, even the best fall down sometimes, but it’s always going to depend on how we’re going to treat the rocks that will be thrown at us. 😉

Have a wonderful year ahead! 🙂

A Blissful Year Ahead

New Year

Last year, everything was entirely different. I was crying the sh*t out of me because I got my heart broken before 2013 ended. That’s when I told myself that 2014’s going to be better. And thank God, it had been.

I have met a lot of people who made me smile. Some people passed by my life quickly, leaving a mark on my pages that [perhaps] would never be seen again. They got my world spinning, and made me go through a lot of confusion and overthinking. I hated them for a moment, but upon thinking about it, I realized that I should thank those people and treasure the moments I have had with them.

My monochromatic tints became rainbow-colored, and my 2014 story book was filled with images of memories saying “People come, people go.” Nothing’s ever really permanent except for change. It’s up to you if you’d let them in. Building bridges with people is a trial and error process and you’ll never know what you’re gonna get unless you open your doors for those who want to come into your life. They might stay, but not for long. Some people are not just meant to be there as long as you want them to, but one thing’s for sure: when they finally leave, it means that they’re done serving their purpose. Their roles are done.

I was able to get to know myself better and deeper last year. I guess that’s actually the best thing about 2014.

This 2015, I’m all about seeking PURE POSITIVITY. I was kind of pulling in negative vibes last year, and that’s one thing I wanna change. Life’s too short to dwell about uncertainties and doubts. I’m too much blessed and I really should just thank God for that. This year, I will STRIVE harder for my dreams and goals. I will GIVE MORE TIME TO DO THINGS THAT I’M PASSIONATE OF. I will JOIN MORE SOCIAL AWARENESS CAMPAIGNS AND ACTIVITIES (outreach, fun runs, etc.). I will TRAVEL MORE. I will DO MORE so I can BE MORE.

I know it’s going to be a blissful year. 2015, let’s get it on!

LORD, thank you for ending 2014 with a twist. How about a ‘double A’? 😉