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You are the other end of my rainbow,
The peak of the mountain I climb,
And all the beauty
That the galaxies possess;
You are every wonder,
Every awe,
Every euphoria,
And in a million goodbyes,
Yours is my
“Until we meet again.”

Her Living Romeo

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Star-crossed lovers,

Perhaps we are,

Two different worlds

Divided afar;


A life we have

Can’t let us grow,

All we want

is to let them know;


This love exists

Above all differences,

the heart prevails

Over all sadness;


You can’t stop Juliet

nor tell her to let go,

She will fight ’til the end

with her living Romeo.

Why Would I?

No matter how they try to tear us apart,
No matter how everything’s not falling into place,
No matter how many times we fight,
I will never give you up.

Why would I?
You showed me what true love is like:
It’s misunderstood,
But it’s wonderful;
Crazy but amazing,
Painful but worth it.

I know you’re worth it.



Loving you is easy,
Loving you is hard;
You’ve always made me happy,
Hand in hand as we move forward;

How do we make them understand?
How do we make them feel?
The feeling isn’t island,
This fantasy is real;

Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow,
Maybe not soon like we’ve always hoped for;
But I’ll hold you in happiness and sorrow,
Until freedom opens its door.



Not allowed to feel,
Not allowed to be real,
A mind to not steal,
A heart to unheal;

Held on the neck,
A future you wreck,
All cards on deck,
A will you uncheck.