13 of #100HappyThings


Another dimension,

Another time,

Another ignition,

Another rhyme.


Go back to the start,

Twisting your head;

Awaken your heart:

Rebirth of the dead.


Open your eyes

After they’d been shut,

Warm the ice

And just sew the cut.

It will get better,

That’s what they say,

Today you suffer,

Tomorrow you’ll slay.


Finally, I was able to write a ‘decent’ poem again, if you can actually call this ‘decent’.

Haiku Collection: Confusions



She’s been torn and thrown;

She’s trying to build it back

To be whole again.


She is rising now

After falling to her knees;

She is surviving.


Hindi mawari

Ang kanyang nasa isip;

Walang may nais.



Ngayo’y hindi makita;

Ako’y nabulag.


Decode my actions,

Remember little details,

And forget me not.