Stuck in a Box

Art by Robin Cox Walsh


For the most years of my life, I have always felt suffocated. I couldn’t breathe. It’s like I keep on drowning repeatedly even though I know how to swim… Or maybe I don’t? I feel choked and I couldn’t ask for help because I couldn’t scream. I am in a constant state of struggle. And what makes it even worse is that I don’t know when this will end, and if it ever will.

I am doing my best to see the bright side, or at least the less of the dark. But the more I try to shed some light, the more I see the shadows that keep on blocking the that little spark. I’ve been trying. I still am. But in every step forward, there are always two steps back. And I’m tired of exerting all my effort to push when everything’s just pulling me, and here obviously progress is not an option.

I thought life is more than walls and edges… But why am I still inside this cube?

I don’t want a new box. I just need this one where I’m stuck to open.

Screaming Fire

2018-01-23 09.33.14 1.jpg

Her voice was tender,
Soft and warm,
A shelter during the winter,
To be safe from harm;

She kept it so long,
Exploding inside,
Until she stopped the song
Because she can no longer hide;

The stars said it’s time
To let out her heart’s desire,
Now there goes her golden lime,
All screaming fire.


Winter Solstice

Shortest day, longest night,
not an equinox to see,
shortest day, longest night,
went outside with nerves at glee;

Shortest day, longest night,
hugged myself to feel some warmth,
shortest day, longest night,
air swishing back and forth;

Shortest day, longest night,
stared at the sky and saw it glitter,
shortest day, longest night,
saw a shooting star to wish forever;

Shortest day, longest night,
would love to have this every day,
shortest day, longest night,
when will you again be on my way?