Day 996


Photo from Google

Right through your eyes
I felt my bare skin
Exposed, burning from your gaze
And all of my senses
Certain as ever
Knew I’m all for you;

With every touch,
I fall even more
I fall even deeper
With every breath we share;

Because love
Is more than kisses,
More than hugs;
It is the heartbeat
When the world shuts down
And the silence
When the war is on;

And with you
I am sure
Being naked
Is not taking your clothes off:
It’s being all-out
Of your soul
To someone
Who looks beyond
What eyes can see.


Into Your Eye

The stars shone bright that very moment
Naming constellations, a night so magnificent,
Your head was resting on my shoulder
The warmth really made me shiver;

Side by side, you unlocked your gates
Your tales of all the pain gone wastes,
Looking through what I could be inside
The past I fear, the anxieties I hide;

Now I couldn’t explain it well enough
When you held my hand, it made me laugh,
My head told me to pull away
But the feeling was perfect so I opted to stay,

And even when the thunder roared
Rain fell down the newly-built road,
You showed me no sign of giving up
So what’s the point in making this stop?

You make me feel like I really matter
Beginning to transform me into destiny’s believer,
And even if it means making a choice
I’d still want to listen to your voice;

As we open our own story
Hopes in me are in state of glory,
Maybe we could give this a try
I might say I’m ready when I look into your eye.


Winter Solstice

Shortest day, longest night,
not an equinox to see,
shortest day, longest night,
went outside with nerves at glee;

Shortest day, longest night,
hugged myself to feel some warmth,
shortest day, longest night,
air swishing back and forth;

Shortest day, longest night,
stared at the sky and saw it glitter,
shortest day, longest night,
saw a shooting star to wish forever;

Shortest day, longest night,
would love to have this every day,
shortest day, longest night,
when will you again be on my way?