You made me see

A flawless beauty ~

A reason to see the sunshine,

To taste another glass of wine.


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Your warmth, comforting,

Your voice, soothing,

Fire of passion,

Igniting emotion;

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Heaven Sent

I wrote this poem as a gift to a friend/colleague/boss.

Their story is truly inspiring, so I made an art out of it.


Can I go home?


They said when you’re down,

When behind every smile is a frown,

Take a quick drive and you will reach

A special nook by the beach;

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To Where We Go


Slowly we go up,

So fast we go down,

And we go round and round and round

On the roller coaster ride

High above the ground,

And hand in hand,

Across the lane,

Slowly and fastly we dance with the lights

As they shine bright

In the darkest of night;

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