Why Would I?

No matter how they try to tear us apart,
No matter how everything’s not falling into place,
No matter how many times we fight,
I will never give you up.

Why would I?
You showed me what true love is like:
It’s misunderstood,
But it’s wonderful;
Crazy but amazing,
Painful but worth it.

I know you’re worth it.

My Sunrise

Photo taken by yours truly

Your smile is my first thought of the day,
Like a ray of sun that melts the ice away,
Like a breeze that makes the leaves perfectly sway,
Like a wave that shows what the sea wants to say;

With the way you touch me, I surely know,
It’s what I want to feel when I wake up tomorrow,
It’s what will definitely take away my sorrow,
It’s what the beat of my heart will follow;

The sound of your voice is like a thunder’s roar,
A sound so loud as a tiger’s snore,
A whisper so silent that my ears yearn for,
A melody that I just keep asking for more;

The movement of your lips, I feel best when I close my eyes,
As passionate as the bird dances freely and flies,
As heavenly as the stars twinkle up above the skies,
As magical as the sight of a beautiful sunrise.

Happy 9th twenty-third, love.