It’s been awhile since I last made a blog update. I’ve been really busy last month because of work-related projects and because it was holiday season. I was too lazy to write a year-ender so I’ve been sharing my life updates through Twitter and Instagram since they’re the easiest micro-blogging socmeds that exist.

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After Rain


Let me tell you something you’ve never heard before

Or maybe let me help you see things better, all the more

Let me write another story for this newly opened door

New places, new heights, new songs are all there

Smiles and sunshines and dances everywhere;


And as I look outside my window,

I know

I have seen another rainbow

Way more beautiful than all the rainbows I’ve ever seen before.


13 of #100HappyThings


Another dimension,

Another time,

Another ignition,

Another rhyme.


Go back to the start,

Twisting your head;

Awaken your heart:

Rebirth of the dead.


Open your eyes

After they’d been shut,

Warm the ice

And just sew the cut.

It will get better,

That’s what they say,

Today you suffer,

Tomorrow you’ll slay.


Finally, I was able to write a ‘decent’ poem again, if you can actually call this ‘decent’.


Research Oceans

I don’t fear the ocean,

but it trembles me each time I see its beauty:

each time the sound of the waves

embraces the warmth I have inside

and turns the air into a cold breeze;

It scares me each time I see

how huge it occupies the world

and how overwhelming the feeling must be

once I get to glide on its surface

despite the sharks that might be swimming around;

It haunts me each time I remember

that the waters might drown me

and pull me down and under;

No, I don’t fear the ocean,

because its wonder is priceless,

its power is limitless,

its strength is boundless;

I don’t fear the ocean,

but I fear its waves,

I fear how stupendous it is,

I fear its depth;

but no,

my ship isn’t sinking.

Not today,

not tomorrow.



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Here Comes the End

Photo from Google


I hated myself,

I hated the time,

I hated the heartache,

I hated goodbye;

Now I’m loving myself

As I heal on my own,

I’m loving my time

As I take things a little slow;

I’m loving the love

That I’m giving my heart,

I’m loving the beginning

As I make a brand new start.