It’s been awhile since I last made a blog update. I’ve been really busy last month because of work-related projects and because it was holiday season. I was too lazy to write a year-ender so I’ve been sharing my life updates through Twitter and Instagram since they’re the easiest micro-blogging socmeds that exist.

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Family Matters



August 10, 2016, Wednesday

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It was my parents’ 24th wedding anniversary. One more year and they’re already turning silver!

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It was my Jarrah‘s 23rd birthday. We’ve been best friends since second year high school and we’ve had each other’s family as an extension. 🙂

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We prepared a surprise baby shower for one of my officemates, Krystal, who is already eight months pregnant. It’s a girl, folks! She’s expected to give birth this September so yep, so excited for a new baby girl in the Inquirer fam!

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It was the birthday of my uncle who passed away just recently. Tito Yeng used to stay with us at home, perhaps about a year or so. He was a good music mentor and he had really been a good uncle to us. We really do miss him, especially our jamming moments. I know he’s already happy up there though. I know God‘s taking care of him. 🙂

August 12, Friday

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It’s my parents’ 31st anniversary as a couple since they got together back when they were still in high school! Yep, they’re one of those lucky couples who’ve found love in their high school sweethearts.

August 14, Friday

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We were in Laguna Bel-air the whole day doing BCBP stuff. It was a bonding moment with the BCBP fam and whew! I’m gonna see them again on the 29th!

Thank God for the families that He had given me. I’m beyond blessed to have these people in my life.


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This doesn’t need a story… But hey, look! After six months of being under the probationary status, I am now a regular employee as a Finance Analyst for Investments at the Inquirer Group of Companies, effective July 4, 2016!

It’s amazing that a lot of wonderful things are happening in the second half of 2016. Looking forward for more!

Thank You, Good Lord! Please always guide me and please help me do well in all my tasks, projects and deliverables. May You help me exceed their expectations and make them feel that I am worthy of this position. Thank You for blessing me with a good boss and mentor. Thank You for giving me a family-like environment to work with. I will always be thankful!

Office Alone Thoughts

At this very moment, I’m not actually alone in the office, but I am alone in my area. There’s a person on the other side of the room, but we have a divider in between, so it still feels alone in its fair sense. Plus, we’re both busy (or am I?) right now with our respective tasks so we’re pretty much in a I-hear-the-sounds-of-your-fingers-typing-on-your-keyboard setting.

Okay. I am busy, indeed, but I can’t be too busy to scribble my current thoughts or else I might just explode and shout in an instant and my roommate right now might just freak out if I do so… So here I am, typing words as my thoughts pour them down without even knowing what I will be writing until the very end of this post.

What if?

When I was in fifth grade, my Language teacher, Sir Bendiscovered that I have a pretty good talent in writing. I was a new student at that time since I transferred to a new school after moving in to a new house. He then invited me join the school organ’s pool of writers (The Liguorian Bulletin) and chosen me to be in his special workshop for Campus Journalism the summer after that school year. I’ve had volumes of personal diaries since second grade, and I guess that really helped me develop the writer in me. Campus Journalism was a whole different thing though, but I enjoyed it.  Not only that – I was exposed to public speaking as well, and from then on, I have always wanted to become a Journalist.

I was chosen to become the Editor-in-Chief of our school organ’s elementary division when I was in sixth grade after an essay writing elimination. I felt proud. No, I felt damn proud because it was just my second year in that school and I got the highest position in the school organ. That year, Sir Ben decided that we should try joining the Division Schools’ Press Conference. It was the first time that there would be representatives from our school, and it felt good that I had been one of the first representatives that the school would be bringing. And yes, yes, yes, I won first place for Editorial Writing in English. This gave me the chance to attend in-house trainings and more workshops and eventually bagged me a Special Award in Campus Journalism (aside from, ehem, my Second Honorable Mention Award) during our elementary graduation.

I entered high school with the dream of becoming a famous writer someday. I have kept a blog and written poems and novels, but when it was already my time to choose a degree for my college application, I couldn’t remember what happened.

My top choice in all college application forms had been Accountancy, followed by Economics and some social sciences. I made it into the quota of my first choice, and honey, despite the Dos Policy (2.0 or 85%, Zero-based General Weighted Average System), I was able to graduate under the BS Accountancy degree. But I didn’t let go of my writer’s dream even when I was a BSA student, because after being active in our college publications, I eventually became the Editor-in-Chief during our time.

Don’t get me wrong. I have no regrets, but yes, I have my what if’s. I am working at Inquirer Group of Companies as a Finance Analyst for Investments and just by the job title, I can’t help but feel proud of myself. But I am working at Inquirer. I am working at the company where the number one newspaper, the most-read broadsheet is homed. Every morning when I pass by the Central Desk, every afternoon that I can take a glimpse of the writers being too busy, and every moment I get to see Sir John Nery (Editor-in-chief, and Sir Joey Nolasco (Executive Editor, Philippine Daily Inquirer), I can’t help but ask myself, WHAT IF I FOLLOWED MY PASSION? WHAT IF I DIDN’T THINK ABOUT BEING PRACTICAL THAT TIME? WOULD I HAVE BEEN HAPPIER? WOULD I HAVE BEEN MORE PROUD OF MYSELF?

I don’t know, but I think these questions will forever remain as questions. But hey, I’m not giving up. I will keep on writing. I will keep on writing poetry (even when they say that poetry is an old art), I will keep on writing my personal views, I will keep on writing stories, I will keep on writing whatever comes to my mind. And I will keep on sharing. If this is the only way to keep the writer in me that Sir Ben had discovered several years ago, then I will keep on writing, even when the time comes that no one’s gonna read them. I will keep on writing – that’s a promise.


More to Come

Today marks my first month as Finance Analyst of the Investments Department of Inquirer Group of Companies. So far, the past month had been great. I did few things for the first time, and I’m glad that I am able to unlock my potentials with the tasks at hand. My duties and responsibilities are far way different from my previous job, but I am very much enjoying things now. There’s so much more to learn, and I am glad that I get to discover new things every day.

Here’s a photo dump of my first month!

Here’s to more #CLDNCHLSInquirerDiaries! 😉