One Day at a Time

Hi! I haven’t written and posted something for quite some time, but there are just moments that sparks of idea will come our way.

As for me, today is one of those.”ONE DAY AT A TIME” has been my go-to reminder to myself when it feels tiring [and torturing]. It reminds me that in order to see what tomorrow will bring, it is necessary to survive the day first.

So this piece is for all the dreamers. This is for all who have chosen the road less taken.

Through Christ, we will make it – ONE DAY AT A TIME.

Have You Seen The Sky?

Here’s what the Corona virus and community quarantine made me do.

Have you seen the sky?
It’s been days since the doors were shut,
And now you question why
You just cannot go out.

Have you seen the sky?
The windows are your escape;
Now it’s faith and science to defy,
With heroes who do not wear capes.

Have you seen the sky?
A thousand lives have been claimed,
Unknown if you’ll see the world in July,
And still meet the people your heart named.

Have you seen the sky?
A thousand lives have been claimed,
Unknown if you’ll see the world in July,
And still meet the people your heart named.

Have you seen the sky?
And asked for it to shine brighter
So everyone can get by
And once more spend time together.

Day 996

Family Matters



August 10, 2016, Wednesday

18 of #100HappyThings

It was my parents’ 24th wedding anniversary. One more year and they’re already turning silver!

19 of #100HappyThings

It was my Jarrah‘s 23rd birthday. We’ve been best friends since second year high school and we’ve had each other’s family as an extension. 🙂

20 of #100HappyThings

We prepared a surprise baby shower for one of my officemates, Krystal, who is already eight months pregnant. It’s a girl, folks! She’s expected to give birth this September so yep, so excited for a new baby girl in the Inquirer fam!

21 of #100HappyThings

It was the birthday of my uncle who passed away just recently. Tito Yeng used to stay with us at home, perhaps about a year or so. He was a good music mentor and he had really been a good uncle to us. We really do miss him, especially our jamming moments. I know he’s already happy up there though. I know God‘s taking care of him. 🙂

August 12, Friday

22 of #100HappyThings

It’s my parents’ 31st anniversary as a couple since they got together back when they were still in high school! Yep, they’re one of those lucky couples who’ve found love in their high school sweethearts.

August 14, Friday

23 of #100HappyThings

We were in Laguna Bel-air the whole day doing BCBP stuff. It was a bonding moment with the BCBP fam and whew! I’m gonna see them again on the 29th!

Thank God for the families that He had given me. I’m beyond blessed to have these people in my life.

Azure Staycation with High School Best Buds

3 of #100HappyThings

We may have grown into young women now, but the wonderful memories of our youth will forever remain. Indeed, high school never ends.

The original plan was to have a Calaguas getaway before summer ends, but since there were conflicts with regard to our schedules, we opted to have a staycation within the Metro instead. Since Azure Urban Resort Residences has a man-made beach in their amenities, we thought the staycation thing would be budget-friendly and wouldn’t take much travel time.

We already had everything planned about a month before the date, June 11-12, Saturday to Sunday. I already reserved a penthouse for us. We were all so psyched about it and we were already talking about food and groceries and all the excitement until two days before the reserved date which is June 11, Saturday, the agent of the unit owner of the penthouse texted me that she will just be returning the reservation fee because the unit owner gave the booking to another agent.

We were so dismayed and disappointed. We tried to find another unit in Azure but we found no luck. Either the rent for an overnight stay was too pricey, or the person behind the Azure ads seemed to be a scammer (LOL to our judgmental selves haha). Luckily, a friend of mine helped us find a new unit for the weekend, and to cut the long story short, yes, we were able to book a room for our Azure stay. (Php 4,000.00 for five. Check their Facebook page for available rooms. The owner is very accommodating.)

When the day arrives, as usual, we were all LATE! Haha! We set a 5PM call time at SM Bicutan but we all arrived at around 6 or 7. We grabbed our groceries (Php 1,300.00 budget for the five of us) and checked in at around 8 or 9. After eating dinner, we went to the Azure Paris Hilton Beach Club Restobar.

Claudine, Vernisse, Lara, Kate (Ehcel’s girl), Ehcel #iiiMendelRepresent

I ordered a glass of Pinacolada (Php 200.00). We stayed there for awhile as the band played acoustic music. I wanted to jam with them but I couldn’t think of any song to sing so I just shrugged the idea. We returned to our unit at around 10:30 and began our girl talk / grown-up session. We played the game Never Have I Ever, wherein we downloaded an app for the questions that we had to answer and every time the answer is yes, we would take a gulp of our punch (GSM Blue X Pomelo). It’s just amazing that from crushes to more mature stuff, and even when we rarely see each other, the friendship remains, the trust is never lost, and the bond is still tight. I’m more than blessed to have them in my life.

City view


Man-made beach

We watched a movie after and fell asleep at around 3AM. We woke up at around 6, cooked and ate breakfast, and headed to the Azure Paris Hilton Beach Club wave pool (Php 20.00 per head).




Me and my back-up dancers LOL

I pretty much took all the confidence that day to expose my curves and edges despite the flaws. Who cares? I was celebrating freedom, remember? *wink, wink*



That awkward pose because I’m really that awkward girl sometimes



It was a jam-packed weekend, and I am looking forward to more staycations and travels with these awesome people! And next time, I hope we’re already complete (ChamGigi weren’t with us).

I thank God that despite the May downfallJune made me feel that I’m a rising star.


Cheers to all our free and happy hearts!