Once Again

Once again, we’re here

Taking chances, taking risks

With no certainty to hold, not a clue

Not even a single glimpse of tomorrow

And not even an idea;

How do I stop thinking?

How do I know?

Am I doing it right?

Or does it just feel right?


Once again, I’m asking questions

Questions that can only be answered if I take a leap of faith;

And once again, it’s faith that’s yet to be tested,

And I don’t know.

I don’t know what to believe.

I don’t know how to believe.

I don’t know when to believe.

All I know is that once again, I’m inside this room,

A colorless room without corners.


Where do we go?

Do I have to take your hand, even though you’re unknown?

Do I have to run away and just leave you alone?

Do I have to go to your direction?

Do I have to make my own way?

Once, I was lost

But once again, I am found;

I just don’t want to lose myself once again,

Not anymore.



She just wanted to think for herself,
To act like herself,
To be her real self…

But she was never allowed to.

Her neck was held
So tight she can’t breathe,
She can’t live.

She just exists.


Candid shot by CELINE

She was the ocean that refused to be crossed,
The mountain that refused to be climbed,
The rose that refused to be held.


And with every meal we share,
I just can’t help but stare
and be amazed
at how perfect
your imperfections
can be.

Thank you for tonight.

That Thursday Morning

Photo from Google

Knocked on your door,
Did I wake you up?
Stepped on your floor,
As you kissed me on my cheek,
And I stopped;

You held my hand,
Lead me to your dining table
With the breakfast you prepared
Like the prince from one fairy fable;

While I was looking at you
Doing these little things for me
My heart and mind knew
I should really get a hold on you
Until no end;

And those sweet soft kisses
You placed on my forehead
And how you held me tight
And how you whispered those three words:
I wish I could actually replay them…

A day worth remembering,
That Thursday morning. ❤