Marching into a Better Year

Hollah! I turned a year older last month and looking back, I believe the #TheClverJourney was one helluva ride. It’s been happy, sad, exciting, anxious, frustrating, fulfilling, and everything in between. And although I’m not yet sure if I was finally able to conquer my quarter life crises, I think I deserve a tap on the back for making it through this far without having a major breakdown. Hooray for that!

The next number is a whole new chapter, and I am all into investing to self-love – mind, body, soul. I recently leaned into healthy eating habits and availed a gym membership. Honestly, it’s all giving me a positive outlook and mood every day. I guess endorphins really do their work, huh? 🙂

It’s already the third of twelve 2019 months, and although there were already twists and turns earlier this year, I know that the rest of the year still has lot to offer, and the best and worst are yet to come.

2019-02-16 117417488839567810711..jpg

I am soooo ready to embrace the beauty of living. To lesser kicks of anxiety and to more hacks of bravery, yes? Let’s do this! 🙂

Randomly Today 02


this random blog post because I’m already at my weekend mood. Hello, Friday.


to Left Alone by blink-182.


about law school. I’m claiming it. Claudine will go to law school on 2017!


the smell of the coffee. This is always addictive.


for this day to end soon. Hahaha I wanna go home and get back to watching series again!


to make it to my appointment at Lay Bare tonight. It’s female time, folks.


a white Korean-style mini dress, black leggings and black white-floral sneakers.


that I was able to submit the required reports on time and that it’s already Friday! Yay!


to eat lunch. It’s already 11 and I didn’t eat breakfast so… Fastforward to 12 noon, please. I also want to get back to fitness.


enough motivation to continue my tasks. I shouldn’t be blogging right now, you know. And I need to find the perfect workout for me, or perhaps a gym. Whatever. I need to work my tummy out.


sleepy. I slept at around past 2 AM because I was having a video call with someone… LOL. And then I woke up at 4:15 AM because I have to go to work. Yes, I know I should’ve slept earlier.