Don’t Fall In Love with a Nice Girl

You will meet her somewhere along the corridors laughing with her group of friends. You will meet her in a forum with a sincere social advocacy. You will meet her inside your favorite coffee shop alone with a book stuck on her nose.

You can find her anywhere, and you’ll know that she’s a Nice Girl because she’ll smile at you the moment you approach her – that genuine smile that will sweep you off your feet. She may not be the prettiest girl you’ll ever meet, but you can’t deny the fact that she’s got sophisticated eyes and that there’s just too much positivity inside her soul. You’ll get along with her easily because she’s always been good to people around her. She’s that ambivert lady who walks confident but still prefers to be alone in most times of day, someone who thinks like an introvert but acts like an extrovert. She’s that girl who acts in between those two extremes. And she’s just too cool for that.

You’ll hear her curse, but it just looks so cute on her. She’s quirky, and you’ll love her for that. She’s not as fine as your ex-girlfriend, but she’s just too natural and you can’t help but appreciate how she’s becoming too real when she’s with you.

But don’t fall in love with her. Don’t fall in love with a nice girl. She will just break your heart. You will fall for her hard because she’s too nice, but she might only see you as a friend. She might like someone else and it’s just hard to hate her for that because she didn’t do anything to hurt you at her will. It’s just that the feeling isn’t mutual, and you’ll just find it tough to let go and move on because she was just the best girl you’ve ever met. Don’t fall in love with her, because she will just be the reason why you’d not want to fall in love again, because the Nice Girl isn’t actually as easy as you think. She’s tough. You’ll count weeks before you can actually hold her hand, and more weeks before you can finally kiss her lips. She’s the girl your Mom or Dad has told you too keep once you’ve found her, and since you’ve actually found her, it’s just hard to let her go, even though you never actually had her.

She’ll open up easily, even though she has trust issues, because she’s giving you the benefit of the doubt; because the moment you asked for her number and gave that cue that you’re into something else, she has let her walls down thinking that you might be different from the men she has met before, no matter how afraid she is.

So don’t fall in love with her. Don’t fall in love with a Nice Girl. Don’t fall in love with a nice girl because you will just hurt her. She’s too nice to believe the sweetness and thoughtfulness you’ve shown, and even if she had been hurt before, she’s too vulnerable to not fall for you because you have shown her the care she has always wanted and the love she has always needed. Don’t fall in love with her because she will fall in love with you, and when she’s already in love with you, you might just be stupid enough to do things that could break her heart. She’ll always be too nice to forgive you whenever you say sorry, and you’ll be just a douchebag to do it all again, because you know she’s too nice to not give you another chance.

Don’t fall in love with a Nice Girl because you might just make the greatest mistakes when you already have her. Ain’t that the truth? You’ll never what you got until it’s gone. You’ll take her for granted because she’s too good to be true. She’ll forgive you a hundred times because she loves you more than enough. But she’ll give up. The Nice Girl will give up not because she doesn’t love you anymore, but because she’ll realize that she deserves the best. She’ll realize the damage you’ve done, and she’ll move on, put her walls up again, guard her heart, and try to take some time alone once more. She’ll always be nice, but this time she’ll be a little wiser.

By then you’ll realize you’ve lost the one your Mom and Dad had told you to keep. So don’t fall in love with a Nice Girl. Be in love with her everyday of your life instead. Don’t just fall; be the one to catch her because she’ll fall for you, too. She’ll love you with all her heart and she’ll never fail to surprise you as she makes mundane things special. She’ll be the best girl you’ll ever have, so be brave enough to fight for her, and don’t ever break her heart. Don’t make the Nice Girl cry. Don’t fall in love with a Nice Girl if you can’t give it all. Don’t fall in love with a Nice Girl if you can’t be the best for her, because she’ll do her best to be the best for you.

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Minding Your Own

You obey the rules just because they are rules. You don’t do things because the norms say they’re unacceptable. But have you ever asked yourself why?

You were given your own mind to use – to think, speak, feel and decide for yourself. Yet, you do not maximize the capacity of your ability to discern over certain matters because you are guarded by what others might say. You care about what they might think of you, and that keeps you from showing the world who you really are. That’s what makes you hide behind that different person who wants to be accepted because of the need to belong. But can’t you see? That’s not you. It’s somebody else.

I had been there – struggling to become the good one. Because it’s what I had to become. Because it’s what is acceptable. But I wasn’t happy. You know what I realized? I had to get out of my shell. Not that I chose to be bad, but I decided to be real. I realized what I really want, and I knew right then that I could be anything that I aim to be for as long as I am not stepping on anyone’s feet. You’re going to hurt people once you choose to become the real you – you are even going to hurt the people you love, yes, but if it’s not what you really intend to do, remember that it’s okay. It happens. People are going to hurt you, too, and this isn’t getting even. This isn’t making others feel what others made you feel. It’s part of the cycle. It’s part of reality. It’s part of everyone’s life. Just as it is to love and to be loved, it is normal to hurt and to get hurt.

It’s not being selfish, it’s being you. It’s being what you choose to be. It’s getting out of your shell to be what everyone wants to be – to be happy. At the end of it all, it’s about being happy, and it’s all about you. People will judge you, but why would you care? The people who really value you will accept you no matter what anyway.

Stand up and leave that mask you’re using to cover your real glitter. You’re going to shine better once you decide to show your real skin. 😉