Enraptured Reality

Phantasm. Bewilderment. Clairvoyance.

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2017 Randomly Today Vol. 2

I’ve been going through something lately, and this little release might help me cope with things, so here I am.

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Not allowed to feel,
Not allowed to be real,
A mind to not steal,
A heart to unheal;

Held on the neck,
A future you wreck,
All cards on deck,
A will you uncheck.

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Those Little Moments

Have you ever felt a love so strong?
The kind of emotion your mind couldn’t fathom…
The blaze of passion your heart couldn’t grip…
So strong that it’s all you want to see,
It’s all you want to hear…

In the morning, when you open your eyes,
You smile…
Because you’re looking forward to a day,
Those words so sweet that you want to say,
And for those little moments,
You make a way…

In the evening, before you turn the lights off,
You look up…
And you just raise your hands
To thank the Creator above…

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