She is a Paradox

Her mind is a painted sunrise

With complex shades of ice and fire,

Surrounded by shadows as night dies,

Screaming whispers as it retires.


A beautiful mess of tangled thoughts,

Abstract scenes just like the sky;

Tossing and turning through the lots

Of every when and how and why.


Haunted by ghosts that never go away,

Feared by the unknown from the other side;

Disturbed by the truth of today,

Doomed by the lies in the wild.

Haiku Collection: Confusions



She’s been torn and thrown;

She’s trying to build it back

To be whole again.


She is rising now

After falling to her knees;

She is surviving.


Hindi mawari

Ang kanyang nasa isip;

Walang may nais.



Ngayo’y hindi makita;

Ako’y nabulag.


Decode my actions,

Remember little details,

And forget me not.