All the Love We Share

I have written
Hundreds of poems,
Some were shared,
Others unfinished,
Others burned,
Others gone in the air;
But never have I made
As much as I have done
For you and all the love we share;

I have kissed
Not just one before you,
Some were sweet,
Others bitter,
Others I cannot remember;
But never have I made
As much as I have done
With you and all the love we share;

I have loved
Many long before you came
Into my life,
Some were worth it,
Others not,
Others destroyed me,
Others just left without any word;
But never have I made
As much memories as I have had
About you and all the love we share;

I love you always,
And I couldn’t be thankful enough
For all the love we share.

Unblocking Hedges

Photo from Google

It’s a surprise
How cages are built
To tear us apart,
But our love finds a way
To burn them down;
How strong the feelings
Must’ve been
That we defy
The direction of the air
As we go against
The current of the waves.

Perhaps this love is more than
My favorite fiction,
More than the movies
Where even the credits make you cry;
Perhaps this is more
Than the road not taken,
More than the song
No one has ever heard;
How rare this is,
But how amazing.

Each time the hedges block us,
We always find a way
To hold each other’s hand;
I won’t give up
Because I know
You won’t give in.

JPIA-PLM Blog: That Long Night in December

It was the longest night of the year. Winter solstice, I recalled. I was sitting on the floor of our front porch while trying to name all the constellations I could find. The December breeze was music of Christmas spirit and the sky was an art of glittering stars.
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It’s a privilege to still be able to contribute a piece to Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants – Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila Chapter‘s website (click here). It’s been two years since my term as the Editor-in-Chief of JPIA-PLM’s official publication, The Ledger, had ended, but the fulfillment of being able to publish a magazine and maintain our organization’s website (click here) for the federation year 2012-2013 will always stay with me.

Thanks for this, Renee (incumbent EIC)! 🙂


Quote from the book 'Paper Towns' (ctto)

Perhaps she is the thorn of the rose
or the reason you can’t get a hold
of a cactus tight,
maybe a Living paradox
of all the things the world just
couldn’t understand,
or perhaps an Exception
to all the rules
everyone wants to break;
or probably the Anathema,
the Sweet smile that hides
Every bitterness untold;

She must have been
the complication of All things simple,
a Vulnerable being
with a question of her Existence;
a desire to Move forward
but still stuck behind a fake Euphoria;

For every Rage of emotion she controls,
a shout Of fire in a Memory,
of Having the only drive to not go
is a string that has Ever held her
to go on – a heart so true:
making her Realize that he is her Escape;

And if anybody cares enough,
maybe one would notice,
or perhaps not,
what she’s been trying to say
from the very beginning.