All the Roads

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Going South, going North,

Heading East, turning West,

If the past is all that’s worth,

Let’s put now into test.


Take the keys, take the wheels

And I’ll be on the passenger seat,

Forget the dues, forget the bills,

Today we only have the clock to beat.


Tear down the map, just burn them all,

Let’s figure things out along the way;

Bringing clothes for winter, summer, spring and fall

And a box of pizza to get us through the day.


Perhaps I’m gonna bring my copy of the Harry Potter movies,

While you’re going to have the Game of Thrones series, too;

Take a break from the chaos of the cities

And take a chance to the chaos of you.


Because whether we turn right or left,

Go straight or turn around,

I’ve had our watches kept:

Let’s leave in quiet sound.

Randomly Today 01

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I saw siddarhornton‘s The Sunday Currently project so I will be doing my own version of it as part of my #100HappyThings project for the rest of the year. This will document all my random what-not’s on days when I feel happy just because I’m happy.


a new poem. I know I’ve been writing less poems lately and I’m really looking for new inspirations to get back on track.


to Better with You by Kris Allen. Oh god, this song is so, so feel-good.


if I am already okay to go to work tomorrow. Oh, please. It’s hard to be productive at home.


nothing. I have clogged nose, so can I smell well?


for my colds and coughs to go away.


to finish this specific task today. I’m trying my best, okay?


a pink nightwear top and PJ’s.


this homestay in some ways. Being on bed all day is priceless.


to write more poems. Apparently, most of my poems are actually for a certain person. Once I start writing about someone again, man, that would actually mean something. Question is, will it be worth it this time?


more fluids and fruits and rest. That’s what the Doctor said.


weak and sick and ugly (LOL). I look so wasted.


Well, I’m still happy ’cause it’s nice to know that somebody actually cares for me in times like this (family aside). I also had this online consultation at Medicard via MyPocketDoctor earlier. I didn’t have to go out to have my check-up. Haha! This is a cool news for those who hate hospitals like me. Lol.

Saturday @ Evia

Honestly, I couldn’t think of an appropriate post title for this one, so I’ll just leave it with a plain heading.

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If you like dogs, cats, and pets in general, or perhaps you just want to watch a movie that won’t make you think and that will just let you sit back and relax, The Secret Life of Pets is definitely a must-watch. It’s basically a story about… pets.


The whole story is apparently about friendship. It’s not about the relationship of the owners and their pets. The movie has a plain and simple plot, it’s for the kids and the whole family anyway. It’s a no-brainer movie at face value but when you look beyond that, it’s an epitome of how things are really going on with people – having your own group of friends because you’re of the same kind, being in a place where you really don’t belong, trying to fit in, saving someone when they’re in need whether you’re friends with them or not, the need of having people in your life, pretending to be someone you’re not just to say that you’re good… It’s as simple as seeing the everyday life of a human being in a lighter abstract.

32 of #100HappyThings

After the movie and after a few minutes of mind-debating on where to eat, we decided to try Vanilla Cupcake Bakery. We ordered Mamma’s Home-baked Lasagna and tried their version of red velvet cupcake with cream cheese.


To give an honest review about the food, the lasagna and the cupcake were both okay. Maybe their recipe just didn’t match my taste so I couldn’t give the food a thumbs up.


The interior of the place looks cool though. It’s cute and comfy and they have a wall full of random quotes about life, friendship, faith, etc.


The place is really inviting because of the IG-worthiness brought by its modern fairy tale ambiance.

And that was how I spent my Saturday afternoon. Since I do not know to end this post, I’ll just share a quote:

“There’s always a moment that separates the past from the future, and that moment is now.”

― Aniekee Tochukwu Ezekiel

And the Door Opened

30 of #100HappyThings

Maybe it’s coincidence

Or perhaps it’s not,

This page of iridescence

Lights up and blinks a lot;


A new moon, a new star,

It shines in the night,

Once admired from afar,

Now a knob to hold tight;


Maybe they heard a knock,

And in silence, they listened,

A secret unlocked,

And then the door opened.



Army Navy @ Circuit Ayala Mall

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Yep, yep! Army Navy – Circuit Ayala Mall (Makati) branch is now open! We had our lunch there earlier. I had been craving for burgers since last week! It’s good to know that there’s already an Army Navy branch near my workplace.

I know it’s kinda funny that I this among my list of ‘happy things’ but you know… Food is happiness.