Bye 100 Happy Things

First of all, this isn’t me making an excuse. This isn’t me saying that I lack more happy things to complete this project. This is me saying that the happiest things in life are those you cannot post.

While doing this project, I have realized that a lot of the things that made me happy over the past few months are better kept with me, myself, I and the special people involved. Not that these things aren’t worth sharing, because really, I can shout them all to the world. It’s just that there are things that you would just want to keep private because at some point, you would want to be a little selfish and savor the true happiness that you’re feeling.

Yes, I am officially cutting the #100HappyThingsProject. I could list more than a hundred right now, but I’d rather leave them just like that.

And you know what I’ve learned while doing this? That there are just few people who really matter to you. There are just few people who you would really want to share the wonderful happenings of your life with, and there are actually times that you would just want to keep it to yourself because it feels more genuine that way.

I did this project to bring back the old me after being lost for some time. Now, I know I’ve found myself again; not the same, but better. And I guess that’s the most important part. ūüėČ

HP & The Cursed Child Reservation at Fully Booked

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I wasn’t able to get a copy when¬†J.K. Rowling‘s¬†Harry Potter and The Cursed Child was first released in the Philippines. I could’ve actually bought from¬†National Bookstore but I wanted the copy that¬†Fully Booked¬†was selling so I opted to wait for the restock.

And guess what?¬†Fully Booked is finally restocking¬†The Cursed Child! I’ve had my reservation yesterday at¬†Fully Booked – Greenbelt 5 to secure my copy. I can’t wait to have the book in my hands! I know only my fellow Potterheads could understand the excitement that I have now.

Just so you know, I don’t have copies of the books, but I’ve read them all through borrowing the copies from the school library and friends. Now that I can finally buy as many books as I can, the desire never stops. I’m planning to buy the whole series to reread (and rewatch) them all.

Yay! See you soon, Harry Potter and The Cursed Child!

37th MIBF & Gotti’s

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It was the first day of the 37th Manila International Book Fair yesterday. After work, Lynsey and I met at SM Mall of Asia before heading out to the SMX Convention Center to score new books at discounted prices.


After paying the Php 20.00 for the MIBF ticket, we went to Fully Booked‘s nook. I really didn’t have a book in mind, so I took my time looking for something new to hoard (lol).¬†It was fun – and of course, really hard – to decide¬†what books to buy. If only I had unlimited resources, I would’ve bought everything I could!


I was able to¬†take home two gems from the MIBF. I know I still have a long list of pending books to read but… Who cares? Books are love!



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After our book hoarding date,¬†Lynsey and I had our dinner at¬†Gotti’s Ristorante at¬†MOA. We asked for their bestseller for the pizza and since I was craving for lasagna, we ordered one plate as well.




The guys from¬†Gotti’s¬†were nice and they only have 5% service charge. It was indeed a good try.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how bookworm friends bond together.


Holiday Movie Trip

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Finally, we were able to watch¬†Train to Busan¬†yesterday (thanks for another holiday break)¬†so here’s¬†what I have to say about this movie:

It was¬†good. I’ve found overrated reviews, but it’s not a stupid zombie movie. It was well-made to the point that you as a watcher would really get affected with what’s happening to the characters. It’s not one of the¬†best movies I’ve ever seen but it was¬†good enough for me to classify it among the good standing ones.

I wasn’t moved like how I expected I would be, though. I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve already set my expectations high because of the reviews I’ve read or if it’s because those teens at the back of our seats were overreacting – shouting and cheering and clapping all throughout the movie with random side comments. I know some of the scenes would really make you shout or cheer or clap, but I swear they were doing it even on scenes that didn’t necessarily need¬†reactions.

Overall though, it’s a movie that I would recommend for you to watch if you want a tear-jerking zombie apocalypse movie.


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September 9, 2016, Friday.¬†¬†I’m healed in so many ways. THANK YOU. ūüôā