Best of the Best Quality

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I tried this restaurant last Friday, July 22, with a friend and I think it’s worth a spot for my #100HappyThings since there’s a funny story behind this.

We labeled this one as a ‘scam’ because it doesn’t seem like a restaurant that offers Korean cuisine but its standees are Korean actors/models (not really familiar with Korean stars, sorry). We decided to try it last Friday out of curiosity. Besides, it’s something new to the eye.


I’m not really sure how these are called, but obviously we ordered a sinful set: pizza, chicken, fries and nachos. The food was good, the ambiance was cool, and it was really a nice try.

BBQ (Best of Best Quality) Chicken and Pizza is located at Starmall Prima along Molino Road cor. Daang Hari, Brgy. Molino IV, Bacoor City, Cavite.

It’s a Korean restaurant, so fine. They know better.


Quadruple Celebration

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Yesterday, my officemates and I celebrated four occasions in The Food Club Manila located at Diosdado Macapagal Ave., Pasay City. We reserved a table for yesterday’s lunch last week. It was already my second time in The Food Club, the first time was with my family last year. And eat-all-you-can buffets are one of my favorite things. I’m a certified foodie and I’m pretty much a 23-year-old-giant trapped in a petite 12-year-old body (LOL).


Pat, Krystal, David and I decided to share our resources (business people talking haha) to treat the team to an eat-all-you-can buffet lunch out as thanksgiving. Pat, Krystal and David had their birthdays this July, while I had my regularization this month. Quadruple celebration indeed!

Sir Raffy, Marvel, David, JM, Ate Jho, Ms. Prescy, yours truly, Pat, Krystal. Ate Angela was not around for some reasons.

It was indeed a sumptuous lunch and I think I was able to consume more than what I paid for. Haha! There were lots of choices, from Filipino food to Japanese to Chinese to Italian to whatever. There were fruit shakes and lots of beverages to choose from, too. Kill yourself with tempura, sashimi, shrimps, crabs, salmon, roast beef, nachos and tacos and many more! For your sweet tooth, you can choose from a lot of bite-sized cakes and brownies, mallows and cookies for the chocolate and strawberry fondues, crepe and ice cream, halo-halo, leche flan – name it! Even though I was already full after three plates of main dishes, there’s always a room for dessert, of course!


Not just one, but three! Haha!

The ambiance at The Food Club is pretty cool and they have friendly and accommodating staff as well. If you’re a fan of eat-all-you-can buffets, it’s definitely a must-try.

For more information, you can visit their website at I think some websites also offer discounted vouchers for this restaurant.


Looking forward to more food trips with these awesome people!

8065 Bagnet

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Bagnet has always been one of my favorites. I’m really a meat lover so you can’t blame me. I swear I’m trying to live a healthy lifestyle, but I really just can’t give red meat up. Let me just balance my consumption with fruits, some veggies, and exercise.


I’ve been in Makati for six months but I was just able to eat at 8065 Bagnet last month. It’s located at 8065 Estrella Street in Barangay San Antonio. It’s just one tricycle away from my work place.

Their meals are pretty much affordable, approximately Php 400 for two persons – in full stomach. The ambiance is pretty much vintage, and I’ve heard that it is owned by singer Kitchie Nadal.


Their Original Bagnet is a good try for 8065-beginners (plus extra rice, LOL). They have budget meals and sets that are good for sharing. They also have beer if you want some almost-drunk time.

All I can say is that from Ilocos’ original to Makati version, ‘bagnet’ never fails.

Study Session at Café Kivhan

Last Saturday, my review buddies and I went to Café Kivhan for a review session after lunch. The place was huge and they offer a variety of frappe and espresso you can choose from.

(c) Claudine Faylogna

It’s a perfect place for group study sessions. Café Kivhan is both artsy and cozy, and the ambiance could really relax you.

(c) Claudine Faylogna

Their drinks are also commendable, ranging from around Php 100 to Php 170. I ordered White Chocolate Frappe and it was good! I was also able to take a zip of their Caramel Frappe and Capuccino Espresso and they both deserve my thumbs up.

Café Kivhan is located along Padre Noval St., near the gate of University of Sto. Tomas. I would give the shop a 3.5 out of 5 as a rating for my first visit.

Café d’ Bica Invasion

My Main and I really have Wednesday lunch dates because it’s currently the best time for us to catch up despite our busy schedules. After lunch, we go to some chill-out places to have some ice cream or shakes before going back to our own businesses.

Today, though, we decided to try Café d’ Bica, a nearby coffee shop, because we wanted a new place to hangout and we both had stuff to do.


We both ordered milk tea – I settled with wintermelon while he wet with the chocolate one. Their milk tea tasted great, and it’s affordable too! It’s really budget friendly for students, and if only we hadn’t eaten our lunch yet before that, we would’ve tried their mouth-watering pancakes. The red-velvet pancake caught my eyes at first glance but I was already full so we settled with Cajun fries (a semi-spicy fries).


The space was kind of small, but their interior is cute and artsy. They have friendly staff, too. 🙂

Café d’ Bica is located at 3387 Mafee Bldg., Molino Road, Molino 3, Bacoor, Cavite, just across Emilus Mart. You may visit their Facebook page (Café d’ Bica) and Instagram (@cafedbicaph) for more information. I would give them 3.5 out of 5 for the overall rating. 😉

Scribbled by Claudine Faylogna