Mink PH Product Review: What happens after a week?

One of the things that this enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) has brought me is the time to browse Shopee, Lazada, and other online shops on Instagram and Facebook. One of the many brands that caught my attention is Mink PH because I’ve read lots of good reviews about it.

Mink PH specializes in intimate care. A lot of people are spending time in skin care, especially the face. But what about the intimate parts? Not everyone’s making a big deal out of it, but I guess if you’re confident on the inside, it will make you glow on the outside as well!

I got the #meetMINK Bundle because I wanted to try all the products and see which among them would be nice and wise to retain. I ordered through their website on May 15 and went for a cashless payment. As far as I remember, you can pay through Paypal, credit card, bank transfer or cash on delivery. I received my bundle on May 18, so I commend the short waiting time, considering that we are under ECQ.

Photo from mink.ph

The bundle is priced at Php1,399 and it consists of their five products, all catering to different intimate parts. Shipping fee was free when I bought this set, so I thought it was a pretty good deal.

When I posted a photo upon receiving them on my Instagram stories, a lot of girl friends DMed me and asked to let them know if the products are effective… So, here we go! 😉

Disclaimer: I don’t usually write product reviews on my blog, I leave it on the review pages of the shops instead, but I think this one’s quite good to put out. 😊

My actual orders – #meetMINK bundle


When I’ve read the reviews, a number of those who posted said that their serum bottles leaked and that the labels smudged. Because of that, I lowered my expectation for this part. I received the bottles secured in a bubble wrap, so my serums did not leak; but as you can see on the above photo, the labels of the orange and green serums smudged. The serums (roll ons) were packed in a box as well. They normally use shredded papers on the box to serve as cushion for the bottles (let’s save Mother Earth and lessen the use of plastics!), but they ran out of it (there was a note) so bubble wraps were used for my box.

Labels for the serum bottles need to be improved – currently, my bottles’ labels are almost wiped out. However, the two other containers are pretty cool for me. The labels are still intact even if they are exposed to water.

Mask and Scrub (300 grams for Php499)


Boob Mask

Mink PH‘s Claim: Rock your rack with Prettits, our ultra powerful mask that gets rid of bumps and debris, leaving you with skin as soft as jello and just as fun to touch.

Photo from https://www.instagram.com/mink.ph/

Review: This comes in a clay-like mask for the chest area. Per instruction on the label, I apply this on my chest and around my breast before taking a bath. It comes off with a light clay scent, and it basically looks like a clay mask. I just finished my one-week run of its thrice a week use. I do not have chest acne or bumps so the best effect I got from this is a soft and smooth chest and breast skin. I didn’t get any side effect from using it on my boobs, so it was definitely a good try. My boobs are basically cute (hahaha), so this boob mask would probably last for several weeks. We’ll see if I would experience some non-negotiable improvements here.

I am Booty-ful

Butt Scrub

Mink PH‘s Claim: This fruity scrub will make your booty so cute it can dethrone the peach emoji as everybody’s favorite butt reference. Say goodbye to butt acne with I Am Bootyful!

Photo from https://www.instagram.com/mink.ph/

Review: I am one proud woman of my butt, in its whole form and shape, stretchmarks and all. But we all want the best for our assets, right? I’m pretty fine and confident about my bum, but I wanted to try the scrub to see if those areas with uneven skin tone would improve. This butt scrub comes in a jar of small pink crystal-like scrubs. I haven’t yet seen any progress on my uneven tones, but my butt looks and feels smoother to touch now! I am hoping to see improvement with regard to some dark tones between the butt and thighs, because if it was able to smoothen out my butt skin after three uses (it’s used thrice a week as well), then maybe its claim to brighten the butt area is not impossible with continuous use, right? I have quite a curvy bum and wide hips, so I’m not sure how long this one will last. 🙂

Serums (10ml for Php249)

Bring Knee to Life

Knees & Elbow Serum

Mink PH‘s Claim: Calling your name to save you from dark elbows and knees is Bring Knee to Life! Its woke AF formula will give you the ultimate freedom to wear anything you want with oozing confidence.

Photo from https://www.instagram.com/mink.ph/

Review: My elbows and knees are a few shades darker than my arms and legs. I’m a morena, and as much as I am proud of my color, lightening the dark spots is really on my skin care list. I’ve been applying this serum twice a day after bath (morning and evening). Sadly, I still can’t see anything different. I am waiting for the designated areas to peel, but I guess one week use is still not enough to see the improvement (if ever this is effective for me). I still have almost half of the bottle, so for now, I’ll continue to diligently use it, see my result, and decide if I will repurchase.

Happy Nippy

Nipple Serum

Mink PH‘s Claim: If nipples could smile, then this serum would be the reason why. Puff out that chest knowing that the power of pink is with you!

Photo from https://www.instagram.com/mink.ph/

Review: A lot of men and women really think that pink is the pretty color for nipples but guess what? We come from different races and we all have different skin tones, same goes with the shades of our nipples. Happy Nippy doesn’t really make your nipples pink, but basically lightens and softens them. There are no side effects – no peeling, no itchiness, no strange sensation. So far, I love how it lightens mine – MNBB it is! My nips, but better!


Bikini Serum

Mink PH‘s Claim: Never apologize for showing off your cheeky side! Here to push you further is this powerful serum designed to even out any discoloration you’ve got down south!

Photo from https://www.instagram.com/mink.ph/

Review: This is definitely my favorite among their products, so I put it last. Dear, this bikini serum is a gem! After three days of applying it after bath to my groin, inner thighs and lower butt area, the peeling has already started. And yes, I have already seen improvement after using it for a week. I have paused in applying it for now. It stings when I do, probably because it’s on the peeling stage. I’m currently applying petroleum jelly to moisturize the area, but it doesn’t really feel dry. It looks smooth despite the dead skin being exfoliated. Just be careful not roll it on your labia because we know that our genitals really sensitive. Once the peeling is done, I’ll go back into applying it again to even out the tone. I would love to see how it looks after a Brazilian or a bikini wax, but I guess that’s not going to happen anytime soon because of the pandemic. This works as it claims and I’m so glad I purchased it!

The bundle is Php346 less than the actual prices when you purchase them individually, so i you’re willing to invest for your intimate care, it’s a good place to start. 🙂

So that’s it! I know this is quite a long review but I wanted to share my experience so you’d see a broader perspective of what might happen once you try it. We all have different skin types though. What works for me might not work for you, and vice versa. Our bodies have their own ways of reacting towards what we take or apply. The best way to go is to actually try.

I hope I was able to enlighten and help you decide if you would buy their products, or if you don’t want to take the bundle, choose which among them will you purchase.

For Mink PH, I’m glad I gave it a try. Besides, it’s only been a week since I’ve used it. I’m planning to write the real result once my stash is used up. Hopefully I can make a time for that. I’m becoming busy for law school prep, so I’m trying to squeeze in as many entries as I can because I might go on hiatus for a few months once class starts.

Until next time! 😉

PS. This is NOT a sponsored post and has been written by the writer voluntarily.

4 thoughts on “Mink PH Product Review: What happens after a week?

  1. Hi, what happened after 4 mos? I’m planning to buy the bundle on mink but I’m looking for a review. Your response would be a great help. Thank you!


    • Helloooo! Apologies with the super late reply. Been really busy. So far I continued the butt scrub! Haven’t repeated the others since I got the results I needed after 2 bottles and I was able to maintain them. I don’t have chest pimples as well so I opted not to get another boob mark. But the butt scrub is a holy grail so I’m still using it! ❤


  2. Hey girl! Thanks for the review! This really helps though I already got my Mink products before bumping into this post. So far loving the butt scrub and just started the bikini serum last night. Hehe. Excited for the results. *fingers crossed*


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