To My Strongest Year Yet

The pattern looks nice, probably a crossover of a mermaid tail and coffee beans. Everybody’s probably minding their own business, and so do I. Honestly, I’m finding it hard to make a good intro so I’ll just cut the shit and say, happy new year, dearest!

My Instagram and Facebook posts would probably tell you that last year was my best year yet, which, I could say, is true. But just like any other insta-perfect shot or reaction-worthy caption, my best year yet was nowhere near perfect.

2018’s been great. I had a number of local travels and VIP concerts that are quite worthy to make myself feel validated. But probably Newton’s third law of motion simply just applies to a phase of your life in one way or another. A rise for a fall, a backward for a forward, a stop or a pause for a go, and maybe a yes for a no. You get the picture.

2018 wasn’t just about riding a plane, seeing the clouds, enjoying the sea, or rocking with my favorite bands. It was about self discovery, and how I’ve realized what really makes me happy and free. It was about telling the 15 year-old me that I must be proud of the woman I have become 10 years later, because my silver year became the gateway of a living dream. Or so I thought.

While almost everybody was anticipating their colorful plot twist when 2018 was about to end, I got mine, just not the colorful one that everyone, including me, was hoping for. Just like in books, not all plot twists are good.

There are probably darker plot twists out there, or worse, some falling action. But here’s the deal I made with myself, which is really easier said than done: it’s still about trying to see the beauty in order to live it well. Shit happens to anyone anyway, so yeah, here’s a toast of tequila because the best and worst are probably yet to come.

And just like that, the first month of 2019 would be over in a few hours. Now I ask myself, how’s the first 31 days of 365? I swear I don’t know, but by Day 365, I hope I could say that 2019 is my strongest year yet.

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