Project 365: #TheClverJourney

Hello! It’s been months of hiatus, and I didn’t even finish the #TINQ30 project I started last year before leaving the Inquirer, and before ending 2017. Though I continued it through my Instagram stories for 30 days, I hardly found the time to make a blog post for it, due to the holiday seasons and busy schedule while I was rendering my 30 days.

25th birthday celebration | Okada Manila

Anyway, though it’s already few months late, let me still greet you a HAPPY NEW YEAR! I have also turned 25 this year — oh yes, my silver year, that’s why I am making this blog post to officially launch my 2018 Project 365:


I’ve been listing 25 items for this specific bucket list, and my goal is to tick them all off until February 15, 2019, 11:59:59 PM — meaning, before I turn 26. 🙂 I may be disclosing the majority of it in this blog, on Twitter, or on Instagram, but I prefer to keep some of the items private.

You see, it feels something huge to finally reach your silver year. Quarter life crisis came early to me last year, so now I am choosing to stick with my 2018 mantra: Go for it, Twenty-one-Eight!

First off, I have stayed out until dawn twice this year. Believe it or not, I just did it all when 2018 came. I grew up with strict and overprotective parents, and I am really not allowed to be out until 12 midnight (talk about Cinderella), but guess what? I was able to do it twice this year already! I know I sound like a teenager being psyched about this, but forgive me, it’s appealing to me now because I’ve never done this before.

ernest bday
During Ernest’s birthday last Jan. 21, 2018

First was during Ernest‘s birthday last January. Ernest is one of my boyfriend’s constant buds, and I’d say he’s the reason why we met. The second one was just the other night, during my boyfriend’s night out with his friends from Bicol. Errol is such a carefree guy, and I would say that he’s among the big reasons why I’ve become out in the open since we became together.


March 16, 2018: Extended dinner date with the birthday boy at Spiral Restaurant in Sofitel. We already had a dinner date at TGIF and watched a movie in Greenbelt 3 the night before to celebrate his day, but our reservation at Spiral fell the day after. After dinner, we went to The Plantation in Valero to celebrate with his friends.

Next is the fact that I am already living an independent life. Though I still go home to my parents during weekends, I am already staying near my workplace during weekdays, meaning I pay for my dues and yep, that really made me feel adult in a whole new level. The comfort at home is still incomparable, but I swear the convenience of not commuting and experiencing the horrendous traffic is worth every penny. Plus, I’ve found a pretty good place to stay, so I guess it’s really a good bargain. It also feels liberating to say that you are actually living independently.

One more thing is yet to happen early next month, and that’s something that I will surely blog about! I am also committing (oh god here we go again lol) to be more active in posting my adventures this year because I am really up for a lot of things this 2018.

Last year, I was able to have my first ever adult out of town trip in Errol’s province in Bicol, and I enrolled for a post graduate degree at the University of the Philippines Open University.

At the reception of his brother’s wedding at The Avenue Hotel in Naga City, Bicol. I also read the Prayers of the Faithful during their wedding mass at Naga Cathedral. It was really a pleasure to be part of the ceremony itself. ❤
Errol’s parents offered to drive us to Albay to see the Mayon Volcano in Albay before heading back to Manila. Tito Edgar and Tita Debbie were so warm even though they were already too busy for his Kuya’s wedding. ❤

I was also able to watch/attend three concerts/music fests in 2017: Shawn Mendes World Tour, Chroma Festival and of course, Coldplay (there’s no moving on from this!). 2017 went pretty well, though I did had some episodes during the middle of the year, which I have overcome. Now I’m putting this into perspective: CARE LESS, LIVE MORE.

The first quarter of 2018 barely has two weeks left, and I’m soooo ready to conquer the rest of the whole of it. Move, give way, #TheClverJourney is on the way! 🙂

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