#TINQ30 Day 4: Staying True @ 32

Today, the Philippine Daily Inquirer celebrates its 32nd anniversary with the theme, Staying True at 32. What more, the broadsheet produced a 172-paged supplement for today’s issue, which is the thickest issue yet!


For 32 years, the Inquirer has proven that it is indeed the country’s no. 1 newspaper(Fite me LOLI couldn’t help but feel delighted to hear how the Prieto family thanked all the people – from the Editorial Team, to Sales, to the Business and Executive Team – for being part of the Inquirer family. The night was both nostalgic and festive, and it’s such a wonderful memory to take with me.

with the Inquirer‘s Group CEO, Ms. Alexandra Prieto Romualdez, and this cutie pie who asked if she can join us 🙂

I felt kinda emotional knowing that this is my last anniversary with the Inquirer. Physically maybe, but I know that I am always going to celebrate the Inquirer‘s anniversary by heart wherever I go.


For the 32 years, thank you, Inquirer!

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