#TINQ30 Day 3: Beyond Limits

“Don’t limit your challenges. Challenge your limits.”

That is the Inquirer spirit. In a span of two years, I have learned more of the things that I am capable of doing. I have lots of “I never thought I would be able to…” scenarios. It felt wonderful, because despite the many failures that I have had before, in Inquirer, I was able to get back to my feet and feel that I can always shine if I just push myself to the limit, or even beyond.

Whenever I get to talk to business unit heads about the projects that involve them, one of the things that they used to ask was my age. Whenever I reply, they have uniform answers: Ang bata mo pa pala! Maybe I was too young for the tasks, or may be a little less experienced than what they expected, but by committing myself to the job that I love, I believe I was able to pull through.

I am glad that Sir Dan, one of the business unit CFO’s I get to constantly talk to, always says (non-verbatim), Nakikita ko sa’yo, may potential ka eh. Pag alam kong may potential ang tao, sinasabi ko kaagad. China-challenge ko.” It’s also funny when he suddenly said one time, “Kung wala ka lang boyfriend, paliligawan kita sa anak ko eh.” And man, I felt even prouder of myself when he said, “Ikaw, you’ll go places.” Sir Dan is a well-respected man in the Inquirer, and it just feels good that he sees great things in me.

Each time I finish a project, the “job well done” comments by my immediate supervisor, Ate Angela, and The Group CFO, The Atty. Jard, make me really feel that the hard work I exerted for that particular project, despite the multi-tasking and tight headlines, is really worth it. Whenever they say that I have a huge potential to achieve great things, I feel empowered. It is indeed true that even though there are several times that you might be doubting yourself, there are people who will definitely believe in you and all the things you can possibly do.

Through Inquirer, I got to know myself more. In Inquirer, I became more. Because of Inquirer, I am moreThank you, Inquirer!

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