Always Red-y

I know I no longer post my #ootd‘s on this blog but since we had a mini pictorial at our building’s rooftop last Friday, I thought that I might share it with you. 🙂


Friday is really one of my favorite days because aside from it being the last working day of the week, it’s our wash day, meaning we could wear not-so-corporate-attire at work.

They said for vertically challenged people like me, horizontal striped clothes would make us look even shorter. I say, it depends on the whole outfit itself. If you’re going to wear a dress that falls above the knees and an outfit that focuses on the length of your thighs and complements the proportion of your body, horizontal striped clothes would look just right for you.


And since I was going to a Friday night date, I chose to staple the color red, because the color red never goes out of style. And ladies, I know we’re all bound to wear whatever the hell we want, but comfort over style really matters. Sneakers are my best friend because there’s no pressure wearing it, and it’s just so me, relaxed, but sassy. 😉

And although my man and I have already reached the stage where we could already face each other with our #wewokeuplikethis faces, I still choose to dress up for myself and for him whenever we go out because I know he deserves a lady who knows how to carry herself well despite the insecurities she have inside, the same way that I deserve a man who could still call me beautiful despite my unending list of imperfections. 🙂


red striped terno (off-shoulder top & skirt) from Bado

wine red sneakers from Keds

white wristwatch from Swatch

amethyst rosary bracelet given by Tita Debbie (Errol’s mom)

matte Diva lippie from Mac Cosmetics

photos by Kharlyn Uy (Visit her blog at She writes about her “parenting experiences, family travels, and mommy hacks”. She also blogs about beauty and fashion from time to time.)

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