Can I go home?


They said when you’re down,

When behind every smile is a frown,

Take a quick drive and you will reach

A special nook by the beach;

They said when you feel that nothing’s fine,

When things can’t go right over a glass of wine,

Turn the radio on and wait for it —

Until your favorite song is finally on repeat;

But maybe these are just what they said

When everything’s doing well ahead,

Because as I examine my mind right now

I cannot help but ask them, “How?”

How do you feel peace if your thoughts aren’t quiet?

How do you see hope when they pound you with regret?

How do you feel great when at the end of the day

The place you try to rest into doesn’t allow you to sway?

They said surround yourself with things that make you happy,

But what if they wanna stop you because it’s not how they want you to be?

Then maybe I’m really just better off alone,

If you allow me to, can I go home?

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