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Back to Basics Weekend

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I attended a camp last weekend and for some time, I was able to forget the harshness of the present. Or maybe I really just needed an escape, and the camp helped. Anyway, it’s the first outdoor camp I have ever attended.


Jabez Campsite was filled with trees. It really felt relaxing, and I haven’t felt the provincial breeze for a long time. It’s just in Dasmarinas, Cavite so it’s really good for a simple camp experience like what I’ve had.


We’ve had several activities. I was able to try to cook manually (without stove). We just used twigs, some wood blocks and coal to create a fire for us to be able to cook. After a long night, we’ve shared toasted hotdogs and marshmallows over bonfire, music, and stories.


This camp really helped me cope with whatever I’m going through. I hope my next trip will do the same thing. Speaking of my next trip, yep, my parents allowed me to go to Naga to attend Kuya Dominic’s (Errol’s older brother) wedding! Errol asked permission from my parents last week and they allowed me to come home to Naga with him for the event. Cheers to The Savior Boyfriend for my first ever solo trip! 🙂


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