2017 Randomly Today Vol. 2

I’ve been going through something lately, and this little release might help me cope with things, so here I am.



-slash-doing a work-related report. My tasks as a Finance Analyst for Investments (Partnerships, Mergers, and Acquisitions) are very challenging. I handle multiple projects at a time, sometimes all with the same deadlines, but I believe I’m still coping with it. Modesty aside, I’m sometimes surprised whenever I finish a project and I see the fruit of my labor from it.


to Affection by Cigarette After Sex. Their songs are so relaxing. They calm my soul.


about a lot of things. My post-baccalaureate diploma application, the BCBP Imus Youth Camp, trip to Naga for Errol’s brother’s wedding, my life, my existence… These past few weeks, I’ve been experiencing recurring sadness and frustration. I can’t even explain the root cause of which — all I know is that I can smile and laugh for some time and then I go back to being melancholy later on. It happens every now and then, and it’s getting worse every time. I can enumerate different factors that trigger this state, but as much as I want to eliminate them and think positive, I just can’t. It’s just hard to.


for freedom.


to travel to at least one new place without my family this year. Don’t get me wrong, I love traveling with my family. I just want some independence – that’s why. I’m already 24. I just want to do new things that would make me feel that I’m already a grown up. (note: I retained this part from 2017 Randomly Today Vol. 1)


a light blue floral blouse, a red free-flow A-line skirt, and black flats with silver studs.


the effort Errol puts to understand what I’m going through and in keeping up with me. He may not be as loud as other boyfriends on social media but he never fails to make me feel that he’s always there, especially in times of need.


a vacation.


a stress-relief getaway. I haven’t had a vacation yet. My family went to our province, Calayan Islands, last month for about 10 days and I was left here in the city because I got work and deadlines and I couldn’t be gone for 10 days straight.


tired. I just feel tired every single day. This weariness doesn’t end with a good sleep or a nice cup of coffee or a good book to read or a great series or movie to watch. I’m just drained and it’s something that I can’t just get away from.

Randomly Today series is inspired by siddarhornton‘s The Sunday Currently.

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