Book Blurb: My Heart and Other Black Holes (Jasmine Warga)


If you’ve ever been so down that you thought you couldn’t make it to the end, this one’s a great book that would get right into you. As someone who had been at that one point in my life, this book was easy to read for me. Yes, it’s not just a simple matter. It’s not something that should be tabooed because it’s really something that we should tackle. I’m disappointed that until now, the society seems to find the discussion of mental issues hard, like it’s not as fatal as cancer or any other physical illness there ever is.

Perhaps it’s you friend. Perhaps it’s your sister or your brother. Or your son. Or your daughter. Or maybe that random stranger you met at the park who has the happiest smile but saddest eyes. Everyone is going through something, and yes, it somehow depends on one’s perspective. But each of us has boiling point too, you know? Some just had enough. Some just had handled them too much that they can no longer carry things the way the society wants them to. But still, what they’re going through is disregarded, simply because the society isn’t used to it.

I sincerely hope that this book would turn into a series or a movie. It’s time that we open our eyes. All I can say is, be kind. Say that encouraging word or anything that could make someone’s day. Kindness can save a life. Be your own kind of hero.

My Goodreads Book Review:

My Heart and Other Black HolesMy Heart and Other Black Holes by Jasmine Warga

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

It’s been such a good read. The plot may sound dark, but the whole story is something that will lighten up whatever black hole you have. It’s about hope and love and finding new reasons to live when the old reasons seem to be gone.

Jasmine Warga was able to reflect a view of mental health issues, particularly depression. Though the novel doesn’t tell much of it, at least it was brave enough to bring that issue into picture. It’s a great work to make a beautiful story out of something that’s not discussed too often.

I would include My Heart And Other Black Holes to my list of favorites. It’s such an amazing book.

And yes, Physics is love. ❤

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