Sparkling Sky


The lights were up, and stars alight,

Everything just felt perfect and right;

Crowd screaming and singing and dancing,

A night so surreal, you wouldn’t want an ending.

The bass conquered a heavy roar,

The strings and crisp of piano soar;

And as my favorite band took over the stage,

I knew it was a night to remember as I age.

A Head Full of Dreams went coming true,

As lights colored Yellow and tears flew;

Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall that night,

Making The Scientist in me put up its fight.

Birds went flying to Paradise,

Now, Always In My Head is a Magic undisguised;

You wrapped your arms around me in Everglow,

Forgetting that the Clocks would tick at Midnight and blow.

Playing Charlie Brown as I sing a Hymn For The Weekend,

Sadness clearing as the straights went bend;

You whispered in my ear, “I will try to Fix You and your broken pieces,”

Being among the few Heroes that brought me to my senses.

I said, “Viva La Vida!”, as I forget all my troubles,

It’s An Adventure of a Lifetime to pop all my bubbles;

Telling myself to Don’t Panic, I’m In My Place,

Because you are there, a permanent Ink in all my days.

The band wrote a song specially for us,

And I need a hug Something Just Like This to clear my fuss;

And you with me under A Sky Full Of Stars,

Felt like Up&Up the heavens defeating wars.

And through the fireworks, you held me tight,

Pulling me closer, never going out of sight;

And all about this, I would love to make an endless story,

An ethereal moment that will always be in my memory.

P.S. This poem is dedicated to Coldplay and to the one I was with at #ColdplayManila. Errol, thank you for being with me that night and for giving me those warm hugs when I got emotional, especially during Yellow, The Scientist, Everglow, and Fix You. ❤

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