Book Blurb: Let It Snow (Maureen Johnson, John Green, Lauren Myracle)

Let Is Snow is a book collaboration of three authors, Maureen Johnson, John Green and Laureen Myracle. It’s a collection of three different but interconnecting stories that happened during Christmas.


The stories in this collection were probably something you’ve already heard before. There were no interesting plots or twists that could make me say that it’s one of a kind; however, it’s a collection that gets you. In one way or another, at least one of the characters reflects a part of your nature, and that’s what makes it a good read.

Reading the book won’t stress you out. Instead, it’s like you know what’s going to happen but you read it anyway because the details leading to the ending were pretty exciting and you don’t wanna miss them. It’s not something that would give you mind games, but it’s something that would just let you sit back and relax. Chill.

As I see it, it’s a story about giving love on Christmas day. It’s a focus on different kinds of characters to reflect how amazing it is to give love a chance and see it’s true meaning. The stories may not be too amazing as some stand alone romance novels – falling in love with a stranger, falling in love with your best friend, falling in love with your opposite – you’ve already heard them all, perhaps one of the stories is even something that has already happened to you or someone you know; but it’s a story of different people being brought together by the most wonderful thing in the world:


And that’s what makes this collaboration a cool one.

My Goodreads Book Review:

Let It Snow: Three Holiday RomancesLet It Snow: Three Holiday Romances by John Green

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

(1) The Jubilee Express – Cute, chill and mushy. But hun, things were kinda quick, but okay.
(2) A Cheertastic Christmas Miracle – A story you’ve probably heard before, but the ‘adventure’ part was pretty cool. The first John Green book with a happy ending.
(3) The Patron Saint of Pigs – I’m ‘Addie’. I love this story because I see the part that I hate in myself in her (and I see my boyfriend in Jeb, though my man doesn’t feel awkward with doing PDAs, I do). But yes, the characters kinda reflected us, and Addie’s predicaments really hit me.

“Can’t you just trust in our love, without asking me to prove it every single second?”

“Silly girl, it’s not what the universe gives us that matters. It’s what we give the universe.”

Clearly, the last story stood out for me. It stated a simple ‘about me’ story with a lesson. Cheers to the three authors for doing a great collaboration!

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