Sound of Home


The busy city sleeps as the day closes its way,

The breeze singing loud roars as the night comes to stay,

Turning off the lights, just the stars and the moon,

Chasing no sunlight, wishing this wouldn’t end soon;

I hear the strum of the strings, the beat of the drum,

But despite the whispers, I still hear you hum,

Lullabies that could put me to sleep,

Melodies that would always stop me when I weep;

I feel you breathe the air on my skin,

All these feelings of chills that I have never seen,

Eyes to nose to lips to toes,

Battling all my fears and worries and woes;

Hold me tight and witness me shiver,

Make me warm as the night grows colder,

I’ve felt the calmness in the sound of your voice,

I’ve found my home in the silence of your noise.

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