Seklusyon: A Test of Faith

Since the list of Metro Manila Film Festival 2016 entries was released, I’ve already anticipated watching them all. MMFF 2016 was indeed a turning point of Philippine movies, and although there are several opinions and points of discussion for this, I still believe that it’s a good move to encourage people, especially the Filipinos, to watch films in a different wave.


One of the most applauded entries was Seklusyon, a film directed by Erik Matti, which, after the MMFF 2016 Gabi ng Parangal, was even more talked about because of the number of awards they got, namely, Best Director – Erik Matti, Special Jury Prize – Rhed Bustamante, Best Screenplay, Best Actress in a Supporting Role – Phoebe Walker (oh my god, she’s one hot nun), Best Cinematography, Best Sound Design,Best Theme Song – Dominus Miserere and Best Production Design.

We watched the movie last week, though I was quite sad because Seklusyon was no longer showing in Greenbelt so we had to settle in Glorietta. Let me make this clear though: this may sound like a movie review (perhaps it is), but this is just my opinion, and my rating is based on how the movie affected me in one way or another.

I was already told not to expect much from the movie, so I already had the mindset that it isn’t as superb as how others say it is (we all have different opinions though). It wasn’t really a horror movie about souls, ghosts, exorcism and all those usual stuff. It was more of a movie that aims to educate its watchers about faith. The era that it was trying to portray was really felt in the movie, and one’s curiosity as a watcher would really be played by what’s been happening. Nope, it’s not the scary kind of horror movie because it won’t really scare you, especially if you’re expecting something like The Ring or The Grudge; it’s about the real demons that one is trying to run away from – which you cannot. The message was loud and clear. Threats are everywhere. It was just an average movie for me, though what made it stand out is its cinematography and good character build-up. There was no wow factor for the ending, but it’s not just your typical horror film.

Rating: 3.5 of 5

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