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2017 Randomly Today Vol. 1

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I missed writing! I haven’t written a lot for the past few weeks so I guess, getting back to it gives rush to my adrenaline and I just want to write, write and write. I can’t think of anything to blog and coherence isn’t visiting my thoughts so I’ll just write my first Randomly Today post for 2017. 🙂


a new poem. I am just waiting for the perfect timing to finally put my first poem for 2017 into words. I need a quiet time and a senti moment for that.


to The Flood by Joshua Hyslop. Spotify’s Your Favorite Coffeehouse playlist is one of my favorite office hours playlist. I get to discover new ear candies that are beautifully written.


about law school and masters program. I am torn between the two. I have to consider a lot of things in making this major decision. I really want to pursue law school, but some things came up last year and I guess I have to adjust…again. But I believe God will provide. I’m claiming it. I want to be a lawyer. God wants me to be a lawyer. It may take a long way, but we’ll get there.


the office atmosphere. Is that even a smell? O sige, yung pabango ko na lang. Mabango naman eh. 🙂


for a flat stomach! I’m trying to do my part, promise!


to travel to at least one new place without my family this year. Don’t get me wrong, I love traveling with my family. I just want some independence – that’s why. I’m turning 24 next month. I just want to do new things that would make me feel that I’m already a grown up.


a gray & purple/pink dress with black blazer and flats.


that I am able to juggle 5 ongoing projects. I’m amazed by myself sometimes. 😉😂


for this day to end soon. I’m not feeling well. The time of the month has come.


some relaxation time to get away from office stress. I need to unwind to keep myself sane.


quite annoyed. I’m waiting for something that hasn’t come yet. I mean, ano na?

Randomly Today series is inspired by siddarhornton‘s The Sunday Currently.


Author: Clau

A music junkie obsessed with coffee, books, and writing erratic oeuvres

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