28 of #100HappyThings


Six artists in one rocking night. I’ve waited for this day since it was announced by MMI and since we bought our tickets last May. When the tickets were already available for purchase for Visa cardholders, we immediately bought our tickets because hey, Panic! At The Disco was finally coming back to Manila! When they came here eight years ago, I couldn’t afford to buy even the General Admission ticket yet because of financial struggle. Now that I am finally earning on my own, I didn’t deprive myself from the happiness of watching them perform live.


A week before the eighteenth of August, I could no longer think straight because I was already in concert mode. I was like, Brendon Urie and I will be breathing the same air soon! OMFG THIS IS IT!

The iconic 90’s rock band Third Eye Blind and the famous The 1975 were also coming. I started listening to Twin Pines, James Bay and Elle King since they’d also be playing and I loved their songs as well, especially Twin Pines. Man, we should watch out for this band. They’re dope!

So… The day came and wooh! I was just shouting my heart out all night! The Twin Pines guys were all cool and I would love to hear more of their music. Elle King‘s voice was so powerful and it gave me goosebumps all over. Plus! She has a Filipina blood.

The third on set was Third Eye Blind. Dude, it’s THIRD EYE BLIND! It was like a trip to the 90’s when they performed! I doubt if they did ever age – they still sounded as good as everything on the records. It made me feel proud that I lived in the 90’s era and yes, we have these wonderful musicians playing wonderful songs back in our time and they’re still here now, still making music, still making our hearts scream, their songs still being played on the radio and still being sang by the younger generation.

Next was… *drumroll* PANIC! AT THE DISCO! ASDFGHJKL the crowd went wild! Everyone was already screaming the moment the grand piano was already onstage. Take note, people were already screaming just by the set-up of the band members’ instruments! And when the band came out, THE ARENA WENT CRAZY! I can’t find enough words to describe what I’ve felt but the chills all went down my spine as I sang every word of their songs. I’ve been listening to P!ATD since high school. I have watched the members come and go. I have witnessed the evolution of their music. And… I have seen how Brendon became more and more handsome as years went by (hahahaha). Mixed emotions, man. Watching them perform live was a dream come true! Brendon did his signature backflip and, uh, he removed his shirt. YES PEOPLE! TOPLESS BRENDON WAS BREATHING THE SAME AIR WITH ME!!! *how to calm down now*

James Bay serenaded us next. I got to rest after shouting and singing and jumping and dancing during Third Eye Blind and P!ATD’s part. This man’s voice could bring you to bed, dude.

The 1975 was the last to perform. I’m not really a huge fan of the band, but I really think they’re cool. Their music is eargasmic and I couldn’t deny that Matt Healy is really cute. Still, my loyalty belongs to BRENDON URIE.


Jessie was also among my concert buddies when I watched Paramore‘s concert in 2013. We really had fun that night. We had our catch-up chats during transitions because we had not seen each other for a long time. And we missed each other big time!

Big thanks to all the people behind #InTheMix! Thanks for making this event possible for us fans!

I really had a blast that night. Honey, life’s too short so buy those freaking concert tickets and scream YOLO!

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